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10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips In Texas

10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips in Texas

Subtropical weather is a mainstay in Texas. With daytime autumn temperatures that range from a pleasant 70 degrees to a balmy 90 degrees, Waco homeowners have plenty of sunshine and time to prepare their home for the coming winter.

1. Clean the GuttersGutter-Cleaning

With only a 21 percent chance of rainy days, autumn is Waco’s driest season. These arid months are a prime opportunity for homeowners to clean the gutters. Fall leaves, twigs and the natural debris that accumulate in the gutters are easier to blow away when they are crisp and dry.

Clogged gutters lead to overflows of water down the siding and around the home’s foundation. Cracks in the siding allow the spill of water to seep into the home. Prevent water damage to the home by ensuring the downspouts direct water at least three feet away from the property.

In Waco winters, where nighttime temperatures can near the freezing point, gutters burdened by the weight of ice can cause the system to pull away from the home. When gutters hang precariously from the edge of the roof, homeowners will have hefty repair bills to pay.

Prepare for the cold season by keeping the gutters free of natural clutter. A clean gutter prevents blockages that trap water, which then solidifies into ice when temps fall below 32 degrees. Gutter cleanings can be a DIY project or can be accomplished by hiring a professional service.

2. Maintain the Fence

Powerwash the fence during the fall months and follow the cleaning with an application of an oil-based wood fence stain. In the harsh winter season, the stain protects the wood. Examine the fence for knotholes, which serve as snug homes for damaging pests. Replace worn or rotted fence boards.

3: Prepare the WindowsWindow-Condensation-Moisture

Fall months in Texas receive limited precipitation, making it an ideal time to maintain the home’s windows. Remove the mesh screens to clean and examine them for tears. Wipe down the glass at this time, as well. Sparkling, clean windows allow the winter sun’s warmth and natural light inside.

While cleaning the windows, check for air and water leaks. A leaky window leads to explosive home energy bills, especially in the colder months. Leaks also allow water inside. If necessary, caulk the trim around the windows to ensure a tight seal. Perform any needed repairs to the trim.

4. Tune Up the Heater

Each autumn, Texas homeowners should schedule a furnace tune-up. Although Waco’s nighttime temperatures drop below freezing only about 32.9 days out of the year, having a functional heater is recommended. Change the air filters regularly to keep the heater in good operational condition.

5: Clean the Fireplacestone-cladding-fireplace

Spending Texas nights in front of the outdoor fireplace is abundantly relaxing. While homeowners should upkeep the fireplace regularly, the fall months serve as an ideal time to schedule an annual professional fireplace cleaning and inspection. Add a chimney cap to an indoor fireplace to deter critters.

6. Store Tools Away

Mowing the grass is a summertime responsibility. When the fall months arrive, it is time to think about storing tools and equipment away for the approaching winter. Run any leftover gas from the mower, so that it does not have the chance to degrade and destroy the engine.

Landscaping equipment and tools should be covered and stored properly to prevent rust from developing. Rust can severely hamper the usability of these tools come spring. Weed eaters and hedge clippers, for instance, can be expensive, making proper care essential.

7. Perform an Energy Audit

Professional energy audits can make homeowners aware of conditions that unnecessarily drain the home’s energy. An auditor may recommend Energy Star appliances or adding installation in order to conserve the home’s energy expenditure—and save the homeowner from soaring energy costs.

9. Clean VentsAir Duct Cleaning Services

Dryer vents are notorious for catching fire. In the cool autumn months, static electricity significantly increases, making it likely that any flammable dryer lint will ignite. Prevent flaming catastrophes by cleaning out the dryer lint each fall. This is a task for professional duct cleaners.

9. Inspect the Roof

Look for wear and tear on the rooftop every fall season. Damaged shingles and worn flashing can permit water leaks from either snowmelt or rainwater. The summer sun can beat down on the roof shingles, making it necessary for inspections. Have a roofing contractor make any repairs needed before winter hits.

10. Maintain the Yard

A lush Texas lawn rarely happens on its own. Homeowners reseed and fertilize their lawns diligently, and fall is a good time to prepare the grass for optimum growing during the rest of the year. Plus, when the crimson leaves fall, rake them up to prevent lawn damage.

Trees should be pruned every autumn. Dead tree branches have a greater chance of breaking in the midst of a rainstorm or snowstorm. Falling tree branches are dangerous, since they can serve as projectiles or crash onto the roof, driveway or other part of the home.

Water Damage Repair for Structural IssuesDamaged-Wall-Burst-Pipes-Water-Damage

As you perform a round of home inspections during the autumn months, you may notice water stains on the ceiling, a damp odor of mold or condensation on the water pipes. These are indications of water damage. Any type of water damage requires immediate attention. Throughout all seasons, Target Restoration will arrive onsite within an hour to address the crisis.

Certified water damage restoration technicians prepare to extract the excess water from the property. Even severe cases of water damage are expertly handled by our dependable crew. Target Restoration specialists utilize professional-grade equipment and drying units to accelerate the drying process. We also help property owners coordinate insurance claims.

Home and business owners in Waco and central Texas, rely on the speed and expertise of Target Restoration’s water damage repair professionals. Water damage spreads rapidly, making a quick response essential to preserving the structural integrity of the property.

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