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Mold Removal in Austin, TXMold is a tricky substance that can cause so many problems when it appears inside a home or building.

Damages Caused by Mold

The presence of mold leads to property damage, poor indoor air quality, and health effects that will get worse the longer someone is exposed.

Mold is also a constant threat to spread as it may release its spores at any time which will travel through the air and attach themselves to another area of the property.

Any amount of mold in a home or commercial building needs immediate attention to stop its spread and have it removed.

At Target Restoration, we provide complete mold remediation services to remove mold growth from homes and commercial buildings in Austin, TX.

We are properly licensed by the State of Texas to provide mold removal services and we use advanced techniques to ensure that the mold is removed and that the affected areas are cleaned and restored.

Trusted Mold Remediation Services

Mold remediation should only be done by licensed professionals that have been properly trained and equipped to handle the job safely. Target Restoration is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to provide mold removal and we are always ready to present these licenses if necessary.

We are also HIPAA-compliant so you can rest assured that we will protect your privacy and keep any sensitive information completely confidential.

It is common for mold growth to cause extensive damage which may need to be covered by your insurance.  If you do file a claim, we can help you through the claims process with your insurance company to ensure that the cost of the restoration is covered.

Residential and Commercial Mold Removal

Mold-Remediation-Austin-TXYou should never hesitate to address a mold issue, even if the mold is only covering a small section of a wall.

It is common for mold to grow in hidden places so the visible mold growth could only be a small part of the problem.

Mold spores feed on the cellulose contained within the affected materials which causes gradual damage that will eventually compromise its structural integrity.

The risk of health effects will also increase if the mold is not removed, leading to headaches, coughing, nasal congestion, skin irritation, and even more serious infections.

The mold remediation services we provide consist of the following:

  • Water extraction and restoration: Mold is typically an after effect of water damage because it grows so easily in moist areas. Therefore, the source of the water will need to be repaired before the mold remediation can take place.  Our Master Water Restorers will locate and repair the source of the water and provide drying and dehumidification if necessary.
  • Removal of damaged materials: Mold can cause irreversible damage to affected surfaces if given enough time. We inspect the damage and remove materials that cannot be salvaged.
  • Deodorization: Mold can leave an unpleasant, musty odor lingering through the building. We can use deodorization treatments including ozone and thermal fogging to remove odors.
  • Content cleaning: Mold growth doesn’t always stay confined to the building materials of your home, it can affect your personal items too. If your personal belongings including clothing electronics, jewelry, and others are affected by mold growth, we can restore them with our advanced cleaning techniques.
  • Structural repairs: The effects mold can have on wood and drywall can lead to structural damage if not quickly addressed. We can repair structural damage in homes and commercial buildings with our construction services.

If you find mold growth on your property, make sure you call our professionals immediately to handle it swiftly and safely. Our professionals have the training, certification, and equipment to provide complete mold removal services and repair any damage caused by the mold growth.

Contact Us

You can reach Target Restoration at (877) 741-9026 for emergency mold remediation in the Austin, TX area.

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