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An immediate response is important for restoring properties that have suffered damaged. Sometimes, your property’s structure has been jeopardized, leaving it unstable. Other times, your personal belongings and vulnerable surfaces are at risk of becoming permanently damaged.

At Target Restoration, we can help restore your property in Belton, TX following a disaster with our disaster restoration and cleaning services. The specialists that we employ have advanced equipment and use specific techniques to ensure quality results.

We are available to residential and commercial properties in need on a 24/7 basis for our emergency response services in Belton, TX.

Experienced Technicians

We have 20-plus years of success in this industry, and it’s all thanks to our exceptional IICRC-certified technicians. Some of our technicians are even Master Restorers. That said, our staff has the necessary training and expertise to provide quality restoration services for your property in the aftermath of a flood, fire, mold growth, and more.

Furthermore, we will take care of the entire process from start to finish. We receive additional resources because of our membership in Centurion Solutions TEAM and TIPS and TAPS. We also comply with HIPAA, which means your personal information remains confidential.

Our previous work has allowed us to help many important Texas institutions, including Darnell Army Hospital, Fort Hood, Belton ISD, and Baylor University.

Serving Texans in Need

We are proud of the large, well-regarded company we have become, but we’re even more proud of the fact that each of us joined Target Restoration to help our local communities. No matter the time of day, we are prepared and available to immediately help our fellow Texans in need.

Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services

It doesn’t matter if you only need minor restoration help, major restoration assistance, or regular cleanings. Target Restoration is here to help through the full-service disaster restoration and cleaning services we provide. We will help restore your property after sustaining damage from a fire, smoke, water, mold, dust and debris and more. Our immediate response allows us to minimize the damage, restore your property and belongings, and give you peace of mind.

Because of the work our dedicated personnel conduct, we have received numerous prestigious awards, including the following:

  • Contractor Connection Gold Hammer Award in 2013
  • Home Restoration HOT Choice Award in 2014
  • Best of Waco for Water/Fire Restoration Service Award in 2015

If you are in need of restoration services for your residential or commercial property in Belton, TX, give us a call at (877) 741-9026. We are available on a 24/7 basis and can help no matter the time of day.

To learn more about the services we offer in Belton, TX, continue reading:

Water-Extraction-Belton-TXWater Damage Restoration – Belton, TX

Target Restoration provides property owners in Belton, TX, with complete water damage restoration services.

With our help, we will take care of all cases of water damage. To do this, we use state-of-the-art restoration techniques and advanced drying and water extraction equipment to remove water and moisture. We provide these services at all hours of the day and work diligently to restore your belongings and property to their original condition.

Fire Damage Restoration – Belton, TX

Target Restoration provides property owners in Belton, TX, with complete fire damage restoration services.

Fires can result in an extensive amount of damage very quickly due to the flames, smoke, and soot produced. Even the water used to extinguish the flames can result in water damage to your property. Regardless of how much damage has been done, we will work to immediately respond to your call for help. We will contain the damage and start the restoration promptly and take care of the entire process from initial inspections to reconstruction.

Mold-Removal-from-WallMold Remediation – Belton, TX

Target Restoration provides property owners in Belton, TX, with complete mold remediation services.

With our help, your property will be thoroughly cleaned and restored and free of mold. Because mold needs excess moisture to grow, we work to locate and address that problem to properly prevent mold from continuing to grow and spread throughout your home or business.

Biohazard-Extreme-Cleanup-Belton-TXBiohazard Cleaning – Belton, TX

Target Restoration provides property owners in Belton, TX, with complete biohazard cleaning services.

When unfortunate events like serious accidents, violent crimes, and unattended deaths occur on your property, it often results in biohazard materials contaminating your property. These are dangerous materials because they contain toxins and pathogens, giving them the ability to spread disease and infection. This means they must be removed and cleaned by professionals to ensure the work is conducted in a safe, proper manner. Our technicians will remove all biohazard materials safely and restore any affected areas.

Certified-Roofing-Professionals-Belton-TXRoof Repair – Belton, TX

Target Restoration provides property owners in Belton, TX, with complete roof repair services.

Roofs act as protection for homes and buildings, but they often experience damage by wind, rain, hail, animals, trees, and other factors. Because of this, your roof may become damaged and need repair. We can handle the entirety of the roof repair process, beginning with roof tarping and stabilization to long-term repairs. Our work prevents your property and personal content from being damaged by weather and other outdoor conditions.

Reconstruction-Belton-TXConstruction Services – Belton, TX

Target Restoration provides property owners in Belton, TX, with complete construction services.

Whether your property has suffered severe damage by water, mold, fire, or anything else, we can help. Our construction staff helps with the entirety of the construction process, starting with primary stabilization to final inspections. Within our work, we strive to provide quality results that give you peace of mind.

Available 24/7

For any of the disaster restoration and cleaning services we provide in Belton, TX, call (877) 741-9026 to reach Target Restoration. We will come to your property in an hour or less of your call.

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