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Serving Belton, Texas: Top Property Restoration Professionals

24 Hour Emergency Response In and Near Belton

Target Restoration responds to emergencies around the clock. Call us 24/7/365 for a Free Evaluation during your disaster.

We respond to most areas in central Texas within 1 hour. In some places, our technician can be at your door with the right equipment in less than 30 minutes.

Give us a call. Get things back to normal after a disaster.Top-Property-Restoration-Belton-TX

Central Texas has a number of great communities. Target Restoration is honored to serve the community of Belton, TX, and the residents and commercial property owners in Bell County.

Established. Professional. Focused on community. Among central Texas’ top fire and water damage restoration companies.

Residential and Commercial Disaster Recovery

Some buildings are historic. Some have a modern style. At Target Restoration, we tailor our approach of fire and water cleanup and restoration to each building, to focus on the individual situation.

We complete water, storm, fire, and smoke restoration on:

  • Doors & Windows
  • Interior & Exterior Building Structures
  • Carpets & Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Personal Items
  • Commercial Documents
  • Electronic Media

Mold remediation, full commercial rebuilding, and roofing. Concrete repair, emergency power generators, and other commercial services.

Call Target Restoration. Bring your property back to life.


As members of the InterLocal Purchasing Systems in Texas and Oklahoma (TIPS/TAPS), Target Restoration offers full emergency damage restoration services to schools, churches, government facilities, and research centers.

Guidance Through the Recovery Process

Our technicians hold the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Target Restoration licensed professionals can handle it all.

Every project management team includes an insurance specialist to guide you through your emergency insurance claim process.

Target Restoration: here to help every step of the way.

Proudly Serving Belton ISD Schools

As members of the Belton community, we are proud to be contracted to serve over 10,000 Bell County public school students who are enrolled in the Belton Independent School District (ISD).

Target Restoration provides repair, recovery, and emergency services for the 15 schools of the Belton ISD.

Best Water Damage Restoration Services

Throughout central Texas, water damage happens every day.

The Target Restoration flooding and water damage restoration team is ready to go, 24 hours per day. Whenever your water disaster happens, we can help you recover immediately.

All Target Restoration team members and technicians receive specialized water damage cleanup training.

Moisture Damage of All Types
Target Restoration specializes in abandoned and neglected properties – no matter what kind of damage. If your water restoration is for damage that happened long ago, don’t worry. Call us. Let us worry about managing the property’s restoration to the right condition.

Moisture Damage in All Part of a Building
We are experts at moisture and water damage in attics, crawl spaces, storage, basements, and other areas of your property where damage may go unnoticed for awhile. We dehumidify and deodorize. Get rid of “musty” smells.

Licensed Water Damage Restoration Professionals
We have the safety equipment, proper tools, and specialized knowledge to clean up after all hazardous situations that flooding and storm water damage can bring with them.

Target Restoration: ready to tackle the damage water left in your home or business.

What About Hail Damage?


Hail storms often cause two types of damage – these small balls of ice can dent or scratch your property as it falls. Then, as the hail melts, it can soak up into your property and cause long-term water damage. Restoration from both types of hail damage is our specialty.

Immediately after a hail storm, we can extract the water from your property, begin to dehumidify and dry, and apply mold-resistant treatments. Get your home or business back. Recover quickly from hail damage.

Sewer Backups and Broken Pipes

Flooding and water damage can come from outside – or from within. Your home or business building has many pipes – running water to appliances and draining waste.

When a pipe breaks, the water heater bursts, or your sewer backs up, call Target Restoration.

Trained professionals with the right equipment to handle extreme water or sewage cleanup.

Organic matter. Sewer stuff. Pipe water. These can be dangerous – don’t clean them yourself.

Call the water restoration professionals.

Immediate Water Extraction


24-hours per day, we answer the calls after emergencies. Arrival at most Belton, Texas addresses within 1 hour.

Immediate water removal. Fast water damage restoration.

Our top-of-the-line equipment extracts water from carpets and textiles. Our mobile water extraction services are the first step toward completing your full water damage restoration.

Drying and


Target Restoration offers drying services for homes and businesses after storm damage or flooding. We perform full structural drying and top quality drying of your personal and business contents as well.

Advanced Psychometrics Measurements to Design Best Drying Approach
Target Restoration offers strategic set up of industrial blowers, as well as desiccant drying options.

Dehumidify and bring the environment of a room back to normal, safely and efficiently. We can also remove mold, abate secondary damages, and deodorize your rooms

Drying Documents and Media Recovery

HIPPA Compliant. Concerned About Confidentiality.

Every business building is full of important papers. Client files and forms. Completed paperwork, records, and reports.

Not to mention electronic media. Computers. Industrial equipment. Phones. POS systems, office equipment, and security cameras.

These things are priceless, and we work to get them back.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, ready to restore your sensitive client documents immediately after damage occurs.

Target Restoration: mobile document drying and media recovery. Serving Belton, Texas and all of Bell County. Serving central Texas and beyond.

We can’t restore everything, but we will do everything we can.

Our mobile document drying and recovery services are available to complete document drying and media recovery at your property. We offer advanced restoration and storage for antique, delicate, and difficult to repair items. For advanced services, contents will be shipped and returned to you as part of your full water damage restoration services.

Commercial Roof Replacement


Business owners in Belton know that Texas weather is harsh on roofs. Sun damage. Storm damage. Hail damage. Winds. We offer emergency roof tarping service immediately after a disaster. And full restoration of your property – including your roof. No matter what kind of damage, Target Restoration can replace your commercial roof.

We work with all materials – from shingles to tiles to metal. Target Restoration roof technicians are also trained to pay special attention to the details of architectural design. We complete water restoration on historic roofs. We transform damaged modern roofs back to modern works of art.

Smoke and Fire Restoration Smoke-Fire-Restoration-Belton-TX

Soot Removal and Fire Damage

Inside your property, the fire leaves a hazardous material on your contents. The black smudges of soot can be dangerous to attempt to remove without proper safety equipment and procedures.

Target Restoration professionals’ concern is safety. Keep yourself safe. Let us clean up the soot and fire damage at your Belton home or business property.

Smoke Damage and Deodorization

Smoke causes damage you can see, and damage you can’t. Your Target Restoration team performs a full inspection of your home or business for hidden damage.

Some damage from smoke, you can smell. Smoke odors linger after a fire – even after cleaning, repair, and replacing building materials. Have Target Restoration use an ozone treatment or thermal fogging to remove lingering smoke odors.

Restore your world. Restore your life.

Fires happen indoors and outdoors everyday. When there’s cleanup and repair needed after a fire, don’t worry – call the professionally certified team who can pick up the pieces and start putting them back together.

Target Restoration: fire and smoke restoration services. Available 24/7 for emergencies in the Belton, Texas area. Board up. Roof tarping. From the temporary security to the long-term restoration plan.Smoke-Deodorization-Cleanup-Belton-TX

Comprehensive Fire Restoration Services

Fire is one of the oldest risks for all types of properties. They happen indoors and outdoors. They can be caused by a number of things. No matter what causes a fire at your property, when you’re ready for complete soot, smoke, and fire restoration, call Target Restoration.Fire-Restoration-Services-Belton-TX

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Immediately after a disaster, Target Restoration’s professionals can get you back on track. We respond to your emergency – boarding up and securing your property, tarping the roof, and providing emergency power. We quickly begin to remove destroyed property safely, including melted plastics and other hazardous materials.

Smoke leaves damage that can be seen immediately, and other damage that may not be obvious right away. Our property damage restoration specialists help with your immediate repair and long-term rebuilding.

Trust Target Restoration to find hidden smoke damage.

Soot Removal and Deodorization

Soot leaves heavy residue. It is dangerous to remove without proper training and safety equipment. Our Target Restoration certified technicians have the equipment and know the procedures to make soot removal easy. In addition, we offer thermal fogging and other deodorization to remove the effects of fire damage in your building.Soot-Removal-Belton-TX

Biohazards. Environmental Hazards. Mold Remediation

Certified. Trained. Experts.

The most extreme cleanups require specialized tools and training. In Texas, everyone who performs mold removal and repair must have a license from the Department of State Health Services. Target Restoration professionals are certified and fully trained.

  • Mold Remediation Specialists
  • Biohazardous Cleanup
  • Environmental Hazard Removal

We have experience with all extreme cleanout and property restorations. Some abandoned and neglected properties require customized approaches and specialized tools.

Target Restoration teams clean out storage areas, attics, and garages. We restore structural damage that has gone unnoticed. We repair and rebuild all areas of properties after disasters.

Biohazard and Extreme Cleanup

Our certified professionals are ready to handle any hazardous situations. We specialize in neglected and abandoned properties, which often require mold remediation in addition to other environmental services.

We dehumidify. We deodorize. Target Restoration handles all mold removal and property restoration.Biohazard-Extreme-Cleanup-Belton-TX

Environmental Hazards

Target Restoration experts are certified to perform lead and asbestos removal. Both of these building materials are unsafe for human and animal environments, but many historic buildings still have them in pipes, paint, insulation, and other places.

Only licensed professionals should remove these environmental hazards and restore a property with modern, safe building materials. Target Restoration is that team of professionals.

We work with the Belton Historical Society and other associations across Bell County to make sure that your property is upgraded to the highest standards to maintain architectural integrity. Ask your Target Restoration Project Manager for details.

Commercial Roofing Replacement

Target Restoration performs emergency repairs to any roof to secure your property after a disaster. If you have damage to the roof from a Texas summer thunderstorm, an extreme hail storm, a fire, or any other emergency, we respond any time of day or night.


We can tarp up and board up your roof to prevent further damage. We can temporarily secure any business roof after a disaster.

For restoration professionals who know about roof repair: call Target Restoration

Commercial Roof Services

Shingle roofs. Tile roofs. Metal roofs. Sloped or flat. Target Restoration provide professional, environmentally-friendly commercial roof replacement services as part of our full property restoration services. We bring the best tools and training in the industry to every roof repair.

We specialize in restoring roofs with special designs, historic details, and unique materials. We will consult with the Belton Historical Society if your building needs specialized attention to detail.

We ensure that not only is the roof structurally sound and looks great on the outside, but it is fully restored and ready to perform on the inside. We rebuild the supports and interior structures, with the industry’s best materials and techniques. We dehumidify attic spaces, can integrate structural upgrades, and manage ventilation and insulation needs.

Trust the certified professionals. Trust Target Restoration.

Residential Roofing Services Available

For full emergency response, roof tarping and board-up may be necessary. We perform residential roof services for temporary recovery during a disaster.

Target Restoration: top commercial roofing repair and restoration.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail damages property in both seen and unseen ways. Dents. Dings. Scratches. Holes. Some hail damage you know needs repair. But other damage, you may not notice right away.

What is Hail Damage?

Hail is made up of small balls of frozen rain. Usually, if not cleaned up immediately, it will melt and soak into your property. Insulation, wood, drywall, paint, cabinets, and even your property’s foundation can have long-term water damage because of hail.

Immediate or Long-Term Repair


Whether you need immediate hail damage repair after a storm, or water damage restoration from hail damage over time, call Target Restoration. We will thoroughly inspect your property for immediate and long-term hail damage. From the foundation to the roof, we repair properties damaged by hail.

Interior Property Damage

Unnoticed hail damage can mean that your attic is humid and has water damage. It can even mean you need mold remediation. Target Restoration is the full service emergency property damage restoration team that can handle every aspect of your property’s hail damage.

Trust local professionals who care. Trust Target Restoration.

Hail Roof Damage

If hail has damaged your roof severely over time, it may need to be replaced. Target Restoration offers temporary tarping and board up for hail roof damage.

Immediate and Full Disaster Recovery

Around the clock, all around the Belton area, Target Restoration is ready to respond to any property disaster. 24/7/365. Our professionals can arrive and begin to immediately restore it after a disaster – like flood, fire, or hail damage – within 1 hour. For many locations, we can be there in 30 minutes.

We arrive prepared. HIPPA compliant. Licensed & Insured. Target Restoration.

Long-Term Restoration Solutions

After the immediate whirlwind settles, you want a restoration team that can see you through every step of the recovery. Target Restoration responds the day of the disaster, and every day until the job is complete.Immediate-Disaster-Recovery-Belton-TX

Temporarily Secure Your Building

When disaster strikes, Target Restoration gets you through the aftermath. We provide emergency board up and roof tarping to secure your property from further damage. We offer immediate water extraction and clean up. We begin drying and removing damaged materials. We offer evaluations for disaster repair after conducting a thorough inspection.

Call anytime. We are ready to help you recover from any type disaster.

Target Restoration: Immediate services. Start your property’s damage restoration as soon as it happens.

For commercial properties, Target Restoration offers recovery services such as emergency power generation and climate control.

Long-Term Emergency Restoration

Fire. Flood. Storms. Hail. No matter what the emergency, Target Restoration secures your property and begins making repairs immediately. We can get the lights back on, board up the building, and make a plan for your long-term restoration.

When it’s time to fully recover from the emergency, Target Restoration is the property damage restoration company that can finish the work. Serving all of Belton, Texas and Bell County, we perform full restorations after any type of emergency.

We are experienced at bringing neglected and abandoned properties back to life. Some situations build up over time. We restore storage areas, attics, basements, crawl spaces, or another neglected rooms .

Target Restoration repairs interior and exterior damage. We guide you through the restoration process, paying special attention to details of architectural design and historic significance. If your home or business property is unique and requires specialized, certified professionals, call Target Restoration.



Siding. Roofing. Flooring. Cabinets. Pipes. Concrete. And more.

Whatever the damage. Whatever the repairs. Our trained fire damage restoration and licensed water damage restoration professionals use the right tools and experience to get your property back to you. We want to make things normal again.

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