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Water and fire damages devastate property contents instantly.

Immediate cleanup and restoration efforts significantly lower your chance of losing important and costly items.Content-Cleaning-Restoration-Experts-Water-Fire-Damages

During a crisis, it helps to have an expert team who knows exactly what to do.

Furniture. Equipment. Appliances. Antiques and heirlooms. Fine art. Electronics and electrical equipment.

Any contents in your business or home damaged in a disaster require specialized approach to recover and restore properly.

Professional cleanup after an emergency is an essential step in your property’s recovery. Trust your possessions to one of the top central Texas contents restoration companies.

Professional. Caring. Experts.

Residential and commercial content cleaning and restoration professionals: Target Restoration.

Contents Restoration After Water Damage

When a flood or water disaster happens, property contents can sustain extensive damage. Mitigate initial damages before secondary problems develop.

Contents Restoration After Fire DamageWater Extraction Technologies

In order for contents to be properly restored to pre-loss condition, we take a individualized approach to every emergency’s damage.

We offer vacuum extraction, freeze drying, and specifically targeted technology for your emergency. Each performs differently for drying various common commercial and household materials.

Content Cleanup and Recovery

In order for contents to be fully restored, they must be fully cleaned. With sensitivity to materials and reactions, we customize a cleaning strategy for your industrial mess.

We offer freeze and steam cleaning processes, as well as industrial cleaning products and technicians, to clean and recover hard and soft good furnishings.

Contents Restoration After Fire Damage

Fires burn at incredible temperatures, releasing carcinogens. When plastics melt or chemicals are heated, toxic fumes can remain in a property’s fire damaged contents.

Properly licensed and trained professionals are capable of handling hazardous fire damaged contents.

Soot Removal

During a fire, clouds of burnt particles are carried on the hot air. Flames char solid matter and leave soot damage throughout your property.

Removing soot is an important part of content restoration services after a fire. We use industrial cleaners and dry chem sponges to remove soot damage from all property content materials.

Smoke Damage Repair

Smoke particles cling to small gaps in the materials of your property’s contents. The lingering smoke can be extracted or blown out, depending on the material. We offer HEPA and high-efficiency vacuum smoke extraction, as well as controlled forced air circulation to help properties recover thoroughly from smoke damage.

We target and enhance drying efforts, according to how the property responds.

De-Odorizing and Ozone Treatments

Smoke odors seep into all of a property’s contents. Wood, paper, textiles, and even metal can be affected by the smell of smoke. Thermal fogging and concentrated ozone treatments can restore properties to a pre-damage fresh state.

Trust licensed professionals top among central Texas contents restoration services: Target Restoration.Content-Cleaning-Restoration-Experts-Off-Site-Content-Restoration

Off-Site Content Restoration

Recovering property that sustained multiple types of damage can be a challenge. Target Restoration’s emergency service response team will perform a full pack-up and ship.

After full restoration of your items takes place, we can store your contents in our climate-controlled storage until your property restoration is complete.

Target Restoration: treating your property with the care it deserves. Restoring your property’s contents.

Commercial Inventory Services

We have electronic inventory tracking to organize and manage property contents during recovery. Control and streamline your property contents restoration.

It’s important to us that your property return to being as picture perfect as it was before the emergency.

Clean Contents are Vital to Property Restoration

Don’t let disaster derail you. A thorough content cleaning and restoration is vital during your water or fire mitigation services.

Target Restoration: Professional Restoration and Content Cleaning. Service You Can Rely On.Content-Cleaning-Restoration-Experts-Insurance-Guidence

Content Restoration Insurance Guidance

Most people don’t encounter disasters every day. Target Restoration licensed professionals specialize in them.
Every emergency is unique. While your property is being cleaned and your contents are being restored during your water remediation, there will be paperwork to complete.

Our experienced team members are thoroughly trained to handle all the aspects of restoring your contents, your property, and your life. Insurance claims processing for content restoration can be complicated. The Target Restoration team makes it simpler on business owners. Get you back to business quickly.

We document every step of the restoration process from the beginning, including all the details your insurance needs to process your claim. We have established relationships with many top commercial and homeowners insurance companies; we know what they require for speedy claims processing.

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