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From fires to floods to mold growth to sewage backups, there are various events that can leave your property and personal items damaged in a serious manner. When this is the case, you need to address the damage promptly or else there’s risk of permanent damage.

By offering our content cleaning and pack-out services 24/7, Target Restoration helps properties in Waco and all parts of central Texas. Our technicians respond immediately, starting the cleaning and restoration work right away to limit the chance of permanent damage. Depending on whether your property is in good enough condition, we will either perform our work within our climate-controlled facility or within your property onsite.

Content Cleaning Company


Some disastrous events are so severe that they go beyond damaging your property and harm your personal items.

When this is the case, Target Restoration conducts content cleaning services to clean and restore your damaged items. We do onsite cleaning when the property is in a safe condition and perform offsite cleaning at our climate-controlled facility when the property is in an unstable condition, packing and transporting your items there safely.

Our professionals are experienced with cleaning and restoring many items like the following:

  • Artwork
  • Antiques
  • Electronics
  • Personal belongings
  • Furnishings and upholstery
  • Important documents and books
  • Similarly unique items

Every damaged item will be sanitized and deodorized in addition to being repaired. To make things easier on you, we also help you out with insurance claims.

Pack-Out and Storage Services in Waco

In cases where your property is unstable, unsafe, or unsecure, we bring your damaged items to one of our climate-controlled facilities to be cleaned and stored. In addition to carefully packing your belongings, we keep a detailed inventory of which items we are tending to.

Target Restoration will give you and your insurance provider a copy of the inventory list. When your items arrive at our facility, they will be repaired in addition to being sanitized and deodorized. Following the items’ restoration, they are stored in our facility until it is safe to bring them back to your property.

Access to Content While in Storage


If you need access to your items while we store them through our pack-out and storage services, you will be able to do so. You simply need to schedule an appointment with a technician.

Contact Us

Target Restoration offers content cleaning and pack-out services to property owners in Waco and central Texas and can be reached for such services by calling (877) 741-9026.

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