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Fast action and correct repair are crucial after a water emergency.

Water causes extensive damage to property. Excess moisture in building materials decomposes them. Excess moisture in the air condenses and can cause secondary damages.Structural-Drying-Water-Emergency

Act fast to prevent loss. If correct structural drying and industrial dehumidification is performed within 48 hours, you can substantially reduce long-term property damage.

If building structures aren’t properly dried and air moisture levels aren’t correctly restored, mold can begin to grow within days.

Get the problem resolved: Target Restoration.

Residential and commercial dehumidification and structural drying services, including:

  • Structural Drying
  • Desiccant Drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Mold Damage Removal

Licensed professionals experienced with all water damage. We care about restoring your property and your life.

Water Damage Prevention Professionals

Target Restoration’s extended network of IICRC Certified Master Water Restorers is a dedicated team of property restoration specialists.

Structural Drying

Thorough. Professional. Safe.

Don’t let water damage be catastrophic. Let Target Restoration:

  • Remove water.
  • Dry your building’s materials.
  • Restore your property to normal.

Emergency Response, Fast

In an emergency, every minute counts. Target Restoration’s central Texas emergency response team can be at your property within an hour.

Immediate action gets fast results.

  • We arrive with the industrial dehumidification and drying equipment we need.
  • We get to work immediately.
  • We calculate an approach based on the extent of the damage.
  • We use aggressive, targeted drying techniques.
  • We get your property back to normal fast.

Structural Drying: Step-by-Step

Our certified professionals are trained and prepared to dry any structure or building.

When we arrive at your property, we immediately review water damaged areas, take measurements, and determine the right approach.

Non-Invasive Electronic Moisture Meters to Measure Room HumidityStructural-Drying-Step-By-Step

Using advanced electronic moisture detection, the Target Restoration team can measure moisture levels throughout your home or business.

Non-invasive technologies allow us to measure wall interiors and building cavity moisture levels without further damage to your property.

Our advanced psychometrics allows us to customize the best approach to dry your property quickly and efficiently.

Using factors such as room measurement, saturation levels, and calculations of thermodynamic properties for air and water vapors, our technicians determine the equipment and layout needed for thorough drying.

Constant monitoring with non-invasive moisture meters helps us control and manage the drying process. For the best results, and to prevent secondary damages, trust a licensed professional trained in psychometrics.

Water must be removed before drying can begin.

Target Restoration professionals extract standing water, or water soaked into building materials.

We remove waterlogged building materials and property contents to create airflow and prevent further damage.

Building structures require thorough drying after a water disaster. Improper structural drying creates the perfect conditions for excess moisture build up and later problems with mold.

Walls and flooring are commonly damaged by water saturation. But, any interior or exterior building structure can be damaged by water.

Proper airflow to all affected areas is critical.

Ceilings. Flooring. Crawl spaces. Interior walls. Attics. Storage areas. Foundation walls. Subflooring. Concrete. Partition walls.

Trust the central Texas team with the resources, equipment, and know-how.

All building materials – including wood, drywall, plaster, and metals – will show signs of damage if not dried correctly and completely.

Drying Equipment

Residential and commercial drying services are tailored to each situation.

We create the best airflow patterns and strategically place equipment. Ideal locations and power levels to dry structures with the right timing.

Industrial BlowersWarm-Air-Dehumidification-Services

Commercial drying blowers are precise, industrial-strength instruments. Ideal for drying after residential floods in rooms or properties of various square footage.

Desiccant Drying

Desiccant drying is a large-scale, highly controlled warm-air drying method. A more concentrated effort, desiccant drying is often used to repair extreme water saturation.

Monitors. Ongoing Data. Informed Strategy.

Target Restoration water intervention specialists optimize the drying approach, using infrared camera technology and ongoing moisture measurements.

We target and enhance drying efforts, according to how the property responds.

Target Restoration: It’s our business to get you back to business.Residential-Commercial-Dehumidification

Residential and Commercial Dehumidification

It is important that your property’s air moisture is returned to normal after water infiltration.

Using top grade hygrometers and electronic moisture detection, Target Restoration moisture mediation specialists take a targeted psychometric approach to strategizing dehumidification.

A customized plan. Constant air quality monitoring. Restore normal humidity conditions.

Dehumidification for Abandoned and Neglected Properties

Some properties receive improper drying after a flood or storm damage. When not properly removed, excess water builds up air moisture quickly.

Condensation affects air quality and supports mold growth. Within days, small neglected areas damaged by water become full disasters.

Target Restoration specialists restore neglected water-damaged properties. We rebuild properties with long-term excessive moisture levels.

Top Central Texas Dehumidification and Structural Drying Professional Services

Target Restoration offers residential and commercial dehumidification services for all size properties, damaged by all types of water problems.

Fast. Thorough. Experts.

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