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When disaster strikes your property, fast action means a fast, full disaster recovery.

Target Restoration Service Trucks24-Hour Per Day Emergency & Disaster Restoration

  • Emergency Storm Damage Repair
  • Emergency Roof and Structural Damage
  • Emergency Containment
  • Fire and Flooding Emergencies

Top residential and commercial disaster recovery contractors in central Texas: Target Restoration.

There are many types of natural disasters and accidents that can bring life to a halt. Catastrophic events are devastating. Professionals experienced in property restoration can lessen the devastation.

Lightning strikes. Fires. Superstorms. Flooding. Equipment malfunctions. Tornadoes and Hurricanes.

The first 48 hours after an emergency are vital to fully recovering the property. The sooner damages can be addressed, the less secondary and long-term damage the property faces.

When the disaster includes a biohazard or unsanitary situation, safety is top priority for every restoration company. Decontamination should always be performed by knowledgeable, licensed professionals.

The storm has passed. Let restoration begin.

Target Restoration disaster recovery services provides full catastrophe mitigation throughout central Texas, and beyond.

We get in when others can’t. We restore lives and communities. We recover all types of properties after all types of disasters.

Emergency Response

Fast action means fuller emergency recovery. After a catastrophic event, properties often need containment and temporary repairs until full restoration can be performed.

emergency response and reliable servicesTarget Restoration offers emergency mitigation services, including:

  • Tarping and Board Up
  • Emergency Power Generation
  • Water Extraction
  • Portable Climate Control
  • Drying, Dehumidification, and Repair

When you need full recovery for catastrophic damage, we respond immediately.

Then we strategize for the most efficient long-term solutions. Target Restoration: We think on our feet, and we run!

Biohazards. Toxins. Health Risks.

Hazardous situations pose serious health risks.

Professional and licensed disaster recovery contractors should restore property damaged in contaminated areas.

Target Restoration disaster cleanup contractors are certified to handle:

  • Biohazardous waste and pathogens
  • All molds and microbial growth
  • Rotten and decomposed substances
  • Sewage and storm cleanup

The most dangerous situations require trained professionals. Ours are ready to help.

Restore your property safely.

As one of the top disaster cleanup companies in central Texas, our biohazard team members for mold carry DSHS mold remediation licenses and are trained in Advanced Microbial Remediation.

HIPAA Compliant. Insurance Ready.

Target Restoration has thought of everything for your commercial disaster recovery.

Our pre-screened team members are HIPAA compliant and knowledgeable of legal compliance with confidentiality in many industries.

Target Restoration: Award-winning customer service. Putting customers first, every day.

Evaluation, Assessment, Disaster Restoration Plan

commercial relocation servicesRestoration is time sensitive. Thorough evaluation and assessment of all damages is essential to correct and complete restoration.

Our disaster and storm damage restoration professionals begin by calculating a strategic plan for your catastrophe recovery.

We inspect all property damage and coordinate the specialists needed to come together and fully restore your home or business.

Commercial Relocation Services

Commercial disaster recovery can be especially affected by time. Each day you lose business is a day the disaster costs you more.

Target Restoration offers full commercial relocation services if property damage is extreme. Allow us to pack and transport salvageable materials to another operation site, if possible.

While we restore your building, you can continue your operations in a temporary location. We will return your property contents when the property has been fully recovered.

Reconstruct and Rebuild

Disaster Recovery for Property Exterior


We restore all areas of your building and other property structures, including:

  • Building Foundation and Ground Slab
  • Foundation Walls
  • Concrete and Brick
  • Balconies, Garages, Covered Parking, Decks
  • Roofing and Siding
  • Parking and Fencing

We provide full commercial roof repair and replacement.

Target Restoration’s team is prepared to handle any disaster mitigation.

One of the top full-service disaster restoration companies in central Texas, Target Restoration aims at rebuilding more than your property.

We restore your life.

Disaster Recovery for the Interior

When disaster strikes your home or business, the interior can suffer.

Immediate disaster clean up and full restoration services include every area of your property.

We restore:

  • Attics, Ceilings, Crawlspaces
  • Interior Walls
  • Windows and Doors
  • Subfloors and Flooring
  • Textiles, Carpets, Draperies
  • Cabinetry and Masonry

Target Restoration is a top team of repair experts who work together to put the worst of the disaster behind you.

Unique among storm restoration companies. Immediate action and thorough results. Target Restoration.

Dry, Dehumidify, Deodorize

Dry, Dehumidify, DeodorizeWater catastrophes require immediate drying for the best recovery.

The window of opportunity for the highest chance of property recovery after a water emergency is only 48 hours. Act fast to prevent secondary damages.

When your central Texas property is extensively damaged by a natural storm, trust one of the best storm cleanup companies to handle your complete disaster recovery.

We extract water and remove waterlogged contents.

We begin aggressive structural drying and content recovery immediately.

Target Restoration’s team includes advanced mold mitigation specialists to aggressively abate secondary damages.

Helping you recover from storm, flood, and water disasters. Target Restoration.

Licensed and Experienced Professionals

Target Restoration - Licensed and Experienced ProfessionalsA Team of Local Property Restoration Experts

Target Restoration is proud to serve central Texas as one of the top local disaster cleaning companies. Our team members are members of your community.

We each care about getting you back on your feet after a catastrophic event.

Certified for Disaster Recovery

Our network of experienced engineers, service technicians, and project managers is comprised of certified IICRC Master specialists, including:

  • Master Textile Cleaners
  • Master Fire and Smoke Restorers
  • Master Water Restorers

Award-winning. Service driven. Experienced and prepared.

Target Restoration is here to help.

Coordinating Insurance. Making Water Mitigation Easier

A specialized water damage restoration team from Target Restoration is assigned to manage your property’s entire restoration.

Each team includes a licensed representative to assist with your insurance claim.

Residential Water Damage Cleanup Insurance Claims

When your home is damaged or flooded, your life changes instantly.

Our team will assist with your insurance paperwork, guiding you through a process that may be unfamiliar to you. But we do it every day.

You keep living your life – we work to get things back to normal.

Commercial Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water damage to commercial property stops business in its tracks.

When a business is struck by a flood or other water damage, it often stops business in its tracks. We want to assist you in getting back to business as soon as possible.

Keep your business running. We’ll take care of the rest.

Target Restoration Services. Leader Among Texas Emergency Water and Flood Restoration Companies.

There’s no need to let a disaster shut down your home life or your business.

Target Restoration: central Texas disaster recovery and restoration specialists.

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