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You Need a Plan

Having a disaster plan in place before a catastrophic event strikes saves your business precious time and money. With fast response action comes fast property recovery.

Commercial properties experience a range of emergencies and disasters. From fire to flood, from chemical hazards to power failures. When you’re facing a catastrophe at your business, know exactly who to call for help, 24-hours per day.

Target Restoration disaster planning specialists are trained to think on their feet, and run!

P: pre-determined preparations for equipment and approach
L: licensed, certified professionals at your disposal
A: around-the-clock emergency mitigation
N: natural and industrial disaster recovery

Prepare a pre-event consultation and a disaster recovery plan. Unfortunately, many people don’t find out the benefits of commercial disaster planning until after an emergency occurs.

Disaster planning before an event means that your business will be prepared.

Target Restoration: top disaster planning specialists in central Texas.

We plan ahead so you are never caught unprepared.

Building a Commercial Disaster Recovery Plan

Commercial properties can experience any range of natural disasters or accidents. Target Restoration specializes in planning ahead for a solution to any problem.

Tornado. Vandalism. Storm Damage. Chemical Fire. Roof Hail Damage. Equipment Failure. Drainage Backup.

Work with our team to set up a customized, easy pre-loss plan that keeps your business covered.

Building a Commercial Disaster Recovery Plan

Commercial Recovery Plans: Protecting Your Business, Ensuring Your Future

Every year, businesses throughout the state of Texas lose millions of dollars in property damage, and lost inventory, time, and wages. Statistically, every business will suffer major damage in the first 25 years of its operation – whether from natural causes or business related accidents.

It is our business to help businesses get back to business. When your property faces an emergency, proper planning puts you back in business quicker.

Ask us your questions. We’ve thought of everything.

Trust the top business damage and planning company: Target Restoration.

Meeting and Negotiating a Plan

To put together your recovery plan, our commercial emergency restoration professionals consult with you about your business.

Nothing serves business recovery success rates after an emergency like business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

By learning about you and what you do ahead of time, we can be fully prepared to address all your concerns about documentation, safety compliance, insurance claim processing, and legal concerns about confidentiality.

With prior planning, your business can recover from an emergency and get back to work quicker.

Never Worry With Damage Mitigation Specialists By Your Side

With a proper disaster plan in place, you make one phone call when there’s an emergency.

You Call Us. We Take Care of the Rest.

Our emergency response team will immediately dispatch to your property.

Our vehicles arrive equipped to begin your property’s damage recovery and restoration process.

There is no delay in your emergency recovery service. No need to wait while we collect data. No need to find or fill out paperwork.

Your insurance information is already on file. Our emergency mitigation team includes an insurance specialist who facilitates your commercial insurance claim. We provide the detailed documentation insurances companies require.

We get to work immediately – saving you valuable time when every second counts.

Your property is returned to pre-loss conditions safely, efficiently, and immediately.

Preparing for loss with a thorough property assessment and risk mitigation plan is one of the best long-term investments that any business makes.

Emergencies are guaranteed. Recovery afterward is not. Make your own guarantee with commercial disaster recovery planning.

Target Restoration: Top disaster and emergency mitigation services. Serving central Texas businesses and communities.

Recovery Plan Details and Specifics

Recovery Plan Details and Specifics

To build a customized, detailed recovery plan, our trained professionals collect information before a disaster happens.

Streamline the emergency response recovery process.

Target Restoration prepares your property for disasters by collecting data and property specs that are crucial during a recovery event. We begin recordkeeping on your property’s layout and resources. We research and record essential details to help us respond to any disaster.

We make disaster recovery more efficient.

Complete paperwork, document insurance information, and negotiate service fees before there is a problem.

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