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Water causes immediate and devastating damage to documents and electronics.  Homes and businesses both contain electronic devices and important documents, making the restoration of these materials an important concern following a disaster.  It is possible for documents and electronic devices to be restored to their pre-loss state, but the drying and recovery actions must happen quickly.  The first 48 hours are critical to dry and treat microbial growth on water damaged documents and electronics.Commercial-Document-Drying

Target Restoration provides document drying and media recovery services in Waco and central Texas to restore damaged electronics and documents following a disaster.  Our licensed technicians have experience with document drying and media recovery and we are ready to help homeowners and business owners throughout central Texas.  We understand the importance of electronic devices and documents and we will do our best to recover them with our advanced restoration techniques.

Confidentiality with Document Drying

Whether in a home or business, important documents may contain sensitive personal or financial information.  Our certified contractors are HIPAA-compliant which means they follow non-disclosure and confidentiality practices when it comes to restoring your sensitive documents.

At Target Restoration, we also help with your insurance claims and provide detailed documentation of our restoration work that meets your insurance company’s exact requirements.  Our goal is to provide you with highly effective document drying and media recovery to get your home or business back on track.

It is important to remember not to spare any time if there has been water damage to your documents or electronic devices.  Document drying and media recovery must begin immediately to prevent the loss of important records.

Supporting Businesses with Quality Service

We know what businesses need to recover quickly from flooding and storm damage.  Important record recovery is crucial to your business function, and so is maintaining your best industry policies.

Target Restoration is ready to help all types of businesses in the aftermath of a disaster.  We have been trusted to recover documents and media for the following:

  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • K-12 schools and universities
  • Legal firms
  • Government facilities
  • Military records

Document Drying Techniques

Restoring documents after they have sustained water damage is no easy task.  At Target Restoration, we use the most advanced techniques and technologies available to recover printed and electronic data.  We also operate according to CDC best practices and recommendations for microbial disinfecting and sterilization to prevent mold growth on the documents.

The following are the document drying techniques that you can expect from our technicians:Document-Drying-Techniques

  • Freeze drying: With this technique, documents are treated with extreme cold temperatures in a vacuum. The right amount of pressure created by this method will cause moisture to be evaporated out of sensitive documents.  Freeze drying can be used to recover books, artwork, business records, historical documents, and more.
  • Gamma ray irradiation: Gamma ray irradiation is a sterilization process in which Cobalt 60 radiation is used to kill microorganisms that have been absorbed in the affected documents and electronic devices. This process is used because it can penetrate many different materials and it effectively removes microbials without causing additional damage.
  • Ultrasonic separation: This method uses hypersonic pulses to remove water from solid materials under highly controlled and specific conditions.
  • Deodorization: It is possible for water and microbial infiltration to leave an odor in paper documents. We will deodorize affected documents to remove these odors.

Commercial Electronics Recovery

Businesses use all types of electronic equipment to save and manage their records, including computers, servers, POS systems, scanning equipment, medical equipment, and security cameras.  This makes electronic media recovery an important part of recovering business records in the digital age.

At Target Restoration, we will work quickly to restore your electronic media and get your business back online immediately.

Mobile Document Units for On-site Response

We know that some documents are so sensitive that they cannot be removed from the property, even for document restoration.  That is why we have mobile units for document recovery to effectively restore your documents onsite.

Our HIPAA-compliant and pre-screened team arrives with the necessary equipment to begin restoring your damaged items immediately.  If your business has a prohibition against removing sensitive documents from your property, we will dry and recover them onsite with our mobile units.

Off-Site Document Drying and Electronic Restoration

There are times when your documents or electronics may need to be brought to another location for us to do a full restoration.  For these cases, we will carefully package, ship, and store these items and complete the restoration off-site.  We will return the documents in their original form or transfer them to electronic versions if you prefer.

Residential Document and Media Restoration

Personal documents and electronic devices are just as important in homes as they are in businesses and commercial settings.  If a disaster has caused damage to your personal documents, photographs, artwork, computers, or storage devices, we will work quickly to get these things restored and prevent permanent damage.

It is very important to start the restoration process as quickly as possible if electronics or important documents have been damaged by water.  We use the same methods as described above to recover electronics and documents that have sustained damage in your home.  We also offer on-site mobile document recovery for homes as well as off-site recovery for rare or unique items that may need specialized services.

Document Drying and Media Recovery SpecialistsDocument-Drying-Recovery

If important documents or electronic devices in your home or business have been damaged in a disaster, do not hesitate to contact Target Restoration for our document drying and media recovery services.  We will respond promptly to begin the restoration and give your documents and electronic devices the best chance at a full recovery.

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