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Finding your property in critical condition after a disaster can be traumatic, making it difficult to make any type of decision right away. But as this type of damage can make the home or building uninhabitable as well as vulnerable to additional damage, it’s very important to have it restored right away.

Target Restoration is available in Waco and central Texas to provide emergency board ups and tarping services in Waco, TX and the surrounding areas. With our services, we can secure your property until the restoration process can take place, protecting it from all outside elements.

Damages Caused by Natural Disasters

Everything from fires to floods to hurricanes, many disasters are capable of compromising a property’s building structure. The roof is the first line of defense against these elements, making it the first to withstand the majority of the  damage. After the disaster, it may have holes that leave the property exposed to outside elements such as rain and wildlife.

Siding and windows can also be severely damaged, leaving the property exposed to vandals, wildlife, and rain. Animals are a common concern for many property owners as chewing wiring and building materials as well as leaving biohazards and odors behind will only lengthen the restoration process. Mold will also start to grow as early as 24 hours after the water damage occurred, putting everyone at risk of breathing in dangerous pores and triggering allergies.

As leaving the property exposed leaves the door open for additional damage, our emergency board up and tarping services will limit all damage occurred after the disaster. We will also ensure that the structure is stabilized to prevent the risk of collapse before the reconstruction process.

All of the following is included within our board up and tarping services:Emergency-Board-Up-Services-In-Waco-And-Central-Texas

  • Boarding up all holes and openings
  • Setting up temporary enclosures
  • Stabilizing the property structure
  • Tarping over the roof
  • Setting up barricades where needed

As soon as you find your home severely damaged after a natural disaster or vandalism, don’t hesitate to call Target Restoration for emergency board up and tarping services. This will prevent additional damage to the property until the restoration services are ready.

Available 24/7

Target Restoration is available 24/7 at (877) 741-9026 in the Waco and central Texas area to provide complete emergency board up and tarping services.

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