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During some emergencies, it is possible for properties to lose power.  For businesses, this can be a major problem.  Some businesses cannot afford to lose power without losing sensitive data.  In some cases, losing power can even endanger lives.  If a major disaster has caused a power outage in your business, it is important to call for backup power immediately to limit the damage caused by the power loss.

At Target Restoration, we provide emergency power generation to help businesses and commercial properties in Waco, TX and the surrounding central Texas communities when they lose power.  We will arrive quickly with emergency power generators to restore power to your business.

Top of the Line Equipment

Our technicians at Target Restoration can completely restore the power to your building with our full-capacity power generators.  Our top of the line power generators are from the most well-known brands and industry recognized names.  We provide a selection of diesel-powered and gas-powered generators that can give your building temporary power while we help you coordinate a long-term power solution.

With our power generators, our licensed professionals can provide the power your business needs to get through an emergency.  You will get power in the capacity that you need it to minimize losses and the risk of damage.

Power Generation ServicesEmergency-Power-Generation-TX

You can expect the following from our professionals with our emergency power generation services:

Full Installation and Monitoring

During your emergency, we will install our portable generators to ensure your property receives all the power it needs.  We will also maintain the power generators and monitor the fuel to ensure they continue to generate power.  You can trust our professionals to handle the emergency supply while you focus on getting your business back on track.

Industrial Environmental Control

We understand that the environmental conditions are important in certain commercial settings.  Our technicians can maintain delicate environments to prevent further issues.  We can maintain sensitive humidity and air quality conditions in:

  • Restaurants and commercial kitchens
  • University and medical laboratories
  • Telecommunications and technology centers
  • Museums, art galleries, and historical archives
  • Industrial manufacturing facilities
  • Grocery and warehousing for retail grocers

Portable Climate Control

We can help keep the climate of your building under control with our specialized portable climate control equipment.  With this equipment, we can accomplish the following:

  • Air quality maintenance and dehumidification
  • Immediate HVAC and air circulation needs
  • Maintain controlled climates and delicate conditions

Debris Removal

Our professionals will inspect the power system of your property and remove any debris that may be affecting the power supply and distribution.  If the power loss was due to a natural disaster that resulted in property damage, we will determine your power needs and start with the restoration of your property.

Long-Term Power Restoration

No matter the cause of your power outage, our professionals will resolve the issue.  We will repair the damage to your property using safe procedures to restore your permanent power supply.

Emergency Power and Disaster Restoration in Waco, TXTarget-Restoration-Power-Generation

Whether your power failure is due to a problem within the electrical system or a major disaster, you can count on our professionals at Target Restoration.  We will immediately restore power to your building and do a full assessment of the damage to form a complete disaster restoration plan.  Our technicians will repair the damage to your property and ensure that your power supply is returned.  We also employ licensed insurance specialists that will help you with your insurance claim for commercial emergency power distribution.

Don’t let your business in central Texas go without power in an emergency.  Target Restoration can provide emergency power generation to give your business temporary power until we can work out a permanent solution.

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You can reach us 24 hours a day at (877) 741-9026 for emergency power generation in Waco, TX and the surrounding areas.

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