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Emergencies are fast and overwhelming.Target Restoration Emergency Response Team

Full emergency restoration requires fast, aggressive action.

There are many types of emergencies that grind your business to a halt. Residential emergencies bring life to a stop. Experienced emergency response professionals get things moving again.

Flood. Fire. Hail. Tornado. Sewer backup. Roof or structural failure.

Any emergency can contaminate your property, causing unsanitary conditions. For the best, most thorough cleanup and restoration, hire top licensed professionals adhering to all Texas state and federal health and safety standards.

Target Restoration: Texas emergency restoration contractors prepared to do it all.

Contain the damage. Address the damage. Restore your life.

Target Restoration works around-the-clock. We mitigate every type of residential and commercial loss.

24/7 Restoration Emergency Response

Target Restoration professional emergency response and mitigation team is available any time of day or night.

Licensed, certified professionals. Insurance and confidentiality paperwork in place.

All residential and commercial emergencies. We provide immediate and thorough:

  • Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Board Up Service
  • Emergency Roof Tarping
  • Emergency Water Extraction & Clean Out
  • Emergency Power Generation

Our professional teams, resources, and equipment are ready to go.

We have a plan. We can help you right now.

Target Restoration is the only call you need to make after your emergency. We repair. We clean. We restore. We rebuild.

Award-winning Texas emergency fire and water restoration company: Target Restoration.24/7 Restoration Emergency Response

30 Minutes to Most Central Texas Property

When you call, our emergency response professionals will ask a few questions about your property, your emergency, and the damage.

As soon as you hang up, our 24/7 restoration team members are being dispatched to your property, equipped with everything to address your damages.

In central Texas, our certified emergency cleaning and recovery professionals can be at your door in 30 minutes.

Throughout most areas in Texas, we can often have an emergency restoration team to your property within 60 minutes of your call.

Faster response increases chances for full recovery of your property after an emergency. Every minute matters.

HIPAA Compliant Professionals. Confidentiality Policies in Place

Commercial emergency intervention requires considerations to sensitive legal matters. Target Restoration emergency mitigation professionals are HIPAA compliant.

We have confidentiality paperwork and legal compliancy policies in place. We adhere to the sensitive nature of your industry’s standards.

Target Restoration IICRC certified Master Restorers specialize in water damage, and fire and smoke damage. Our professionals are advanced disaster mitigation specialists, with years of training and on-the-job experience.

We document each step of emergency restoration thoroughly, to the highest standards of commercial insurance companies. We provide you the documents you’ll need to process your insurance claim.

Safety and Risk Assessment

Emergency recovery is measured in minutes. You need your property secured and recovery efforts started quickly, but you also need a safe, professional restoration.

Target Restoration: above all, every property must be a safe property

We will arrive at your residential or commercial property after an emergency to evaluate the level of risk and restoration necessary to mitigate that risk. We can begin to immediately contain and repair your property after any emergency. Target Restoration: the only call you need to make after a disaster.


Emergency Hazard Recovery

When an area has been contaminated with a potentially harmful substance, our Texas state licensed hazard emergency response contractors are ready.

Trained. Equipped. Experienced. Prepared.

We provide emergency biohazard cleanup and trauma recovery. Efficient and immediate remediation of pathogens or sewage waste.

Don’t let a disaster become an ongoing hazard. Professional emergency recovery for every emergency.

Emergency Board Up Services

Emergencies leave damaged property unsecured. The longer a property is exposed to infiltrating moisture, animals, insects, and microbial spores, the greater the chance of additional damages.

Target Restoration emergency board up service secures your property from the elements and additional damages.

  • During a storm.
  • After a fire.
  • Crime or accident containment.

We can board up windows, doors, and walls. Temporarily restore your property while full interior and exterior recovery takes place.Emergency Roof Tarping

Emergency Roof Tarping

Roofs sustain damage from wind, fire, hail, and other natural events. A damaged roof leaves a property exposed to additional damages. Tarping secures a damaged roof temporarily until the roof can be repaired or replaced.

Immediate intervention during a roof emergency ensures more complete recovery and less property damage during a disaster.

Residential and commercial emergency roof tarping service from Target Restoration.

Roofs should receive full repair or replacement for long-term restoration to a safe, secure property.

We offer commercial and residential roof replacement.

Target Restoration: full property restoration services after any emergency.

Water Extraction & Clean Out

FlEmergency-Restoration-Water-Extractionooding and water damage creates conditions for mold growth within hours. Drying out your property is critical to full recovery after water damage. Water extraction is the first step.

Emergency flood cleanup increases your property’s chance of full recovery.

During a flood or immediately after a water catastrophe. Call Target Restoration for emergency flood clean up and water mitigation.

We immediately use industrial vacuum equipment to extract water and contaminants. We drain water and create the airflow necessary to dry out your property and its contents.

If it’s a small water problem, we fix it and are on our way.

If it’s a large water problem, we contain and fully restore.

Target Restoration: top emergency cleaning and recovery company in central Texas.

Award winning. Experienced. Efficient.

24 hour restoration and emergency response services for water disasters.

Removing waterlogged property from saturated rooms is essential for recovering water damaged contents, as well as cleaning out the property for full structural drying and dehumidification. We can remove and restore contents.

Emergency Electricity & Generators

If your commercial property loses power during a storm or other emergency, Target Restoration gets your lights back on.

Our mobile power generators can be at your property and handle any power generation needs. Multiple generators with varying power capabilities are available.

We have proudly served businesses that can’t afford to lose power during emergency situations, including:

Hospitals and medical centers
Secure facilities
Research laboratories

We offer mobile climate control and immediate dehumidification. Sensitive documents and media can be dried and recovered quickly. Data and electronics can be restored.

Target Restoration: We get you back online.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Procedures to Give You Peace of Mind

“No job is finished until the paperwork is done.”

You may never have filed an insurance claim for emergency property damage before. We do it every day.

Our experienced emergency mitigation team includes an insurance specialist who will assist you in your insurance claim process.

Central Texas Emergency Recovery Experts

Emergency roof tarping. Emergency board up service. Emergency power generation. The emergency services you need, when you need them.

Immediate response times. Certified professionals. Industrial grade equipment. Superior service.

Target Restoration is your award-winning Texas emergency restoration company for any disaster.

Fire restoration. Flood mitigation. Storm damage repair.

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