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Emergencies happen very fast and the aftermath can be overwhelming.  However, when an emergency does occur, it requires fast, aggressive action.

There are many types of emergencies that can halt the operations within your business and interrupt life within your home.  Emergencies such as floods, fires, major storms, and sewage backups can not only cause significant damage, but also contaminate your property and create unsanitary conditions.  If such an emergency takes place on your property, you need to call emergency response professionals right away to restore the damage.Emergency-Restoration-TX

At Target Restoration, we provide emergency restoration services in Waco, TX and throughout central Texas to get your property restored after a disaster.  Our technicians are licensed and equipped to address the damage and we adhere to all Texas state and federal health and safety standards.  We are prepared to respond to any type of emergency to contain and repair the damage and restore your life.  We are available 24/7 and work around the clock to mitigate every type of residential and commercial loss.

24/7 Emergency Response

The damage caused by a major disaster such as a flood, fire, or storm will only get worse until the restoration can begin.  That is why we are available 24/7 to provide an emergency response.  Our licensed, certified professionals will respond any time of the day or night with the resources and equipment to completely restore your property.

Target Restoration is an award-winning emergency fire and water restoration company that is proud to serve Waco and communities throughout the state of Texas.  We will arrive quickly to your property and develop a plan to clean, rebuild, and restore your home or building.  Our emergency restoration services consist of the following steps:

  • Safety risk and assessment
  • Emergency board up services
  • Emergency roof tarping
  • Emergency water extraction and clean out
  • Emergency power generation

30 Minutes to Properties in Central Texas

When you call Target Restoration for emergency restoration services, our professionals will ask a few questions about your property, the emergency, and the damage.  As soon as you hang up, we will dispatch our team of professionals to your property equipped with everything they need to address the damage.

If your property is in central Texas, we can arrive in about 30 minutes.  For properties in other areas of the state of Texas, we can generally arrive within 60 minutes to begin the restoration.  Our fast response increases the chance of a full recovery as the damage gets worse with each passing minute.

HIPPA-Compliant Professionals

When we provide restoration for commercial properties, we must be sensitive to certain legal matters.  Because of this, Target Restoration is HIPPA-compliant with confidentiality paperwork and legal compliancy policies in place to protect your privacy.  You can count on our professionals to adhere to the sensitive nature of your industry’s standards.

Our professionals will also help with insurance claims for residential and commercial clients.  We will document each step of the emergency restoration thoroughly and provide you with the documents you need to process your insurance claim.

Emergency Restoration ProcessTarget-Restoration-Water-Fire-Cleanup

You can expect the following from the emergency restoration services we provide at Target Restoration:

  • Safety Risk and Assessment: When we arrive, we will start by assessing the safety of your property as well as the extent of the damage. We will form a complete restoration plan to contain the damage and repair your home or building.
  • Emergency Hazard Recovery: If there are dangerous biohazard materials present as a result of the emergency, our technicians are licensed by the state of Texas to handle the removal of these materials. We will make sure all dangerous materials are removed and that the area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent negative health effects from the pathogens.
  • Emergency Board Up Services: If your home or building has sustained heavy exterior damage, it will likely need to be boarded up. Openings in the walls, roof, and windows will allow moisture, animals, and other outside elements in the building that can cause additional damage.  Our technicians will board up doors, windows, and walls to stabilize your property and protect it from outside elements.
  • Emergency Roof Tarping: Your roof may become damaged from strong wind, fire, hail, or falling debris. When the roof is damaged, the home or building is vulnerable to rain and other debris that can worsen the damage.  We will tarp the roof to protect and secure the building until the roof can be repaired or replaced.  At Target Restoration, we provide commercial and residential roof repair and replacement.
  • Water Extraction and Cleaning: If the emergency on your property involved water damage or flooding, it is important to get the water and moisture removed right away. Our technicians will extract the water from your property using industrial vacuum equipment and create the airflow necessary to dry the property and affected content.  Water damage must be addressed right away because the water will spread the damage and create the right conditions for mold growth.
  • Emergency Electricity and Generators: Certain commercial buildings, including hospitals, secure facilities, and research laboratories cannot go without power. We have mobile power generators that will keep the power running in your facility through the restoration process.

Central Texas Emergency Recovery ExpertsTarget-Restoration-Services-Dedication

If an emergency has caused serious damage to your residential or commercial property in Waco and central Texas, contact Target Restoration immediately for our emergency restoration services.  Our highly trained technicians will arrive on the scene quickly to assess the damage and begin the restoration process.  We are also HIPPA-compliant to protect your privacy and we will work with your insurance provider to help process the claim.

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You can reach us 24 hours a day at (877) 741-9026 for emergency restoration in Waco and central Texas.

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