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Emergency Steps To Take After A Storm

Emergency Steps to Take After a Storm

Mother Nature’s wrath can swiftly destroy homes and commercial properties. The fury of severe wind storms, the pounding of hail and the whirl of tornadoes can wreak havoc on a structure’s roof, siding, or surroundings. Responses to storms like these should be quick, even if only temporary solutions are executed; a professional restoration service ultimately provides the quality, long-lasting repairs.

What sorts of property damage can occur?

Wind Damage

So long as they are not tornadoes, wind gusts appear harmless. Severe winds, however, can exceed 60 miles per hour and even blow at 100 miles per hour. These damaging winds are rarely classified as tornadoes. Rather, they are often the common and immediate outcome of thunderstorm downdrafts.

High winds are notorious for damaging rooftops. Since these winds do not impact a building evenly, parts of the roof may appear unaffected; yet the rooftop can be dangerous to traverse. Stress points in the siding and roof as well as roof corners and edges undergo damage the most readily.


In instances when wind does not directly damage a roof, heavy gusts can send projectiles, like tree branches and glass shards, careening through the roof. Additionally, tree branches that hang over a roof can break and pierce the rooftop, leading to serious destruction of the home.

Hail Damage

Hail damage, too, is a major adversary to rooftops. Aluminum siding and asphalt shingles can be dinged in a hailstorm. When hail is tiny, the ruin is minimum. On the other hand, softball-sized hailstones can catastrophically destroy an aged roof that is without the protection of tree cover.

Storm damage

Thunderstorms unleash torrential rains that can seep into any vulnerable areas of a roof. When water stains on the walls and ceiling become visible, the roof is no longer watertight. The severity of thunderstorms can also loosen shingles and result in a mess of missing or curled roof shingles.

What are safety measures to take after a storm?Flood-Damage-Home-Houston

Safety is a priority in the aftermath of a tornado, heavy winds, hail, or thunderstorms. Water and electricity are a lethal mix. So make sure to take these safety measures after a storm:

  • Do not operate appliances that are submerged in water, even if just a few inches.
  • Homeowners who come across live lines should evacuate the area and contact 911. Severe winds can take down trees and power lines.
  • When trees have crashed through any part of the home, do not enter the property.
  • Blown-off roof shingles indicate nails on the ground—be alert while on foot.
  • If the property is saturated with moisture, avoid turning on the power.

Is it necessary to document the damage?

It is always necessary to document the damage after a storm. Residents who have homeowner’s insurance know that their first step after ensuring safety is to provide evidence of the storm destruction to their insurance company. Insurance adjusters rely on documented proof of damage. Claim processes are accelerated with photos, videos, and receipts for temporary repairs.

Photos of both interior (walls, ceilings) and exterior damage (deck, roof) should be taken from various angles to show the extent of damage. Also keep track of dates, times, and notes from conversations with the insurance representative and storm damage restoration contractors involved in the recovery efforts.

How important are temporary repairs?

Temporary repairs are crucial. Property owners who rely on immediate, temporary solutions have the upper hand when it comes to preventing additional damage to their building. Missing shingles allow the elements and critters to intrude. Rain, wind, and raccoons can cause additional, hefty damages.

Before embarking on a short-term repair, it is important to assess the damage. Inspecting the roof, for instance, is safest when done from the ground. Look around the yard for shingles or fascia pieces. From the attic, check the ceilings for water stains or other signs of leaks.

What are types of makeshift repairs?Hiring-Positions-Waco-Office

Tarping the roof

Immediately secure damaged roofs with tarp or plastic material. Start by locating the area of ruin. Stretch tarp over the affected parts of the roof. The tarp’s top edge should hang over the rooftop ridge. Attach the tarp to the roof with 1×2 lumber pieces nailed into the roof decking.

Board up windows

Broken windows should also be covered by tarp or plastic sheets. Alternately, board up the shattered windows with plywood. The plywood should be cut to fit the window’s frame. These temporary repairs and board up services prevent further damage to the property from the likes of weather, vandals, or wild animals.

Patch water leaks

Water infiltrations into the interior parts of the home should be handled promptly, even if only temporarily. Patch the source of the water leak to keep moisture at bay. Mold spores have the tendency to zone in on available water sources and grow within as little as 48 hours.

Close off portions of the building

Storm destruction to the home can result in the loss of walls or other large parts of the home. When faced with significant property damage, close off those portions of the building for the time being. Permanent repairs can be performed in the future by a professional restoration company.

Work with a Storm Damage Restoration ContractorConstruction-Services-in-Waco-and-Central-Texas-1

Target Restoration is a reputable storm and water damage restoration service with countless satisfied customers in Waco and the surrounding communities of central Texas. Experienced and highly trained technicians expertly restore homes and businesses battered by tornadoes, hurricanes, wind, rain and hail.

Restoration specialists from Target Restoration are equipped with the expertise and equipment to extract excess moisture from a flooded property, rebuild structures destroyed by storms and repair rooftops that have undergone substantial damage.

Water Damage ServicesWater-Damage-Restoration-Professionals-Waco-TX

Our comprehensive storm damage restoration services include emergency board ups, tarp protection, temporary roof repairs and water damage repairs. We’ll remove broken glass, fallen tree limbs and other debris from the storm-damaged property. Mold is removed completely to prevent regrowth.

Hurricane and tornado seasons in Texas keep homeowners and business owners alert. Target Restoration’s top priority is to respond to storm damage emergencies with professionalism and speed. Our technicians will be there when your property requires immediate attention. Specialists stand by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions or dispatch Target Restoration emergency crews to a storm damage crisis.

Emergency Response

If your home has suffered severe structural damage from a recent storm, don’t hesitate to contact Target Restoration immediately at (877) 741-9026 for an emergency response and repairs.

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