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Hazardous substances affect the safety of your building and the health of people inside.Environmental-Services-Hazardous-Substances-Affect

Biohazards. Asbestos. Lead. Mold.

Don’t risk the long-term health and safety of your property.

Complete environmental services and trauma cleanup are the best way to address lingering issues. Certified professionals in removal of environmental hazards: Target Restoration

Top Texas recovery company licensed for biohazardous and extreme cleanup, and full safe removal of lead, asbestos and mold. Top sensitivity to commercial and business needs. Best industry practices.

Historical Society Recognized

Top lead and asbestos abatement techniques maintain historic building integrity. Lead and asbestos risk mitigation services that fit your needs: Target Restoration

From Trauma Scene Cleanup to Certified Decontamination of Lead, Asbestos, Mold & Biohazards

Environmental Restoration after Unsafe Environment Contamination

Biohazard and trauma cleanup specialists. Target Restoration contractors are extreme cleanup specialists.

Full decontamination cleaning services, including:

Abandoned and neglected properties
Biohazards and blood-borne pathogens
Medical waste

Situations requiring trauma cleanup should be handled by professionals equipped for safe decontamination.Trauma-Scene-Cleanup

Industrial Safety and Cleaning Equipment

Prepared for Any Cleanup

Our team members arrive equipped and prepared to address decontamination.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Masks and Air Purifiers
  • Industrial Cleaning Supplies
  • High-grade Disinfectants
  • Tools and Containers
  • Waste Removal Solvents
  • Deodorizers
  • Ladders and Long-Reach Handles

Our environmental cleanup team is ready to get your property restored to normal.

Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup

Target Restoration provides sophisticated equipment and licensed professionals to handle any type of trauma scene cleanup.

Organic matter, blood, and medical waste. Neglected or abandoned properties full of contents.

Target Restoration trauma cleanup service restores safe, inhabitable properties.

Professional Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Inspection

If your property was built before 1979, it’s important to evaluate it fully for asbestos.

Target Restoration fully evaluates all building materials for asbestos.

Sensitive to History

We are sensitive to historic building designs. We work carefully not to damage buildings during asbestos removal.Proffesional-Asbestos-Removal

Outdated, Unsafe Building Material

For over 100 years, asbestos was a common construction material. Years of study linked asbestos in building materials to various types of cancers.

Since being banned by the EPA in 1979, asbestos has no longer been used in new buildings.

However, older buildings that haven’t performed asbestos removal services may contain asbestos insulation or ceiling tiles.

Exposure to asbestos is dangerous. Removal should be performed by certified professionals with proper protective equipment and tools.

Target Restoration: top Texas asbestos removal company.

Asbestos Abatement and Removal

Target Restoration asbestos removal services contain asbestos contamination and keep your building safe.

Historical Architecture Restoration

Target Restoration professionals are sensitive when working with historic architecture. We restore and upgrade antique building materials.

Professional Lead Removal


Dangerous Building Material in Pipes and Paint

Lead is a heavy metal used in building materials for centuries. Many buildings today still contain lead pipes or lead-based paint.

After discovery that it is hazardous, The EPA prohibited lead use in building materials in 1979.

Lead is poisonous. Don’t put your family or customers at risk.

Lead seeps into the environment, causing a range of illnesses including respiratory trouble, rashes, intestinal distress, and more.

Target Restoration: award-winning lead evaluation and lead removal specialists.

Lead Inspection

If your home or commercial property was built before 1979, it is critical it receives a thorough inspection. A certified lead safety expert should evaluate and discuss removal options.

Target Restoration provides full environmental risk mitigation and lead removal.

Preserving Historic Texas

Updating historic Texas architecture requires a team of professionals sensitive to the building’s integrity.

Lead Abatement and Removal

Replacing lead pipes requires advanced plumbing techniques that avoid damage. Removing lead-based paint from walls can release particles into the air and cause secondary damage, if not completed property.

Target Restoration lead abatement specialists securely return property to a safe environment.

Sensitive to Texas History

Lead removal in historic buildings requires custom planning a network of resources. We maintain high sensitivity to architectural integrity.

Environmental Services for Any Property

Top decontamination cleaning services throughout Texas and beyond.

Providing strategic environmental assessment and disaster risk reduction for Texas businesses.

Trauma cleanup. Biohazards. Chemical Release. Mold. Lead. Asbestos.

Target Restoration: All residential and commercial environmental services.Environental-Services-Any-Property

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