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Your life can change in a moment.

Target RestorationEmergency Roof Tarping, Board-Ups

After thoroughly assessing the fire damage and receiving clearance that it is safe to board up, Target Restoration can secure your property.

Board up windows, doors, and interior or exterior walls. If the fire has damaged the roof, we can place an emergency tarp over the damage to secure it temporarily.

Once there is a long-term plan for roof repair or replacement, Target Restoration will take care of that too.

When a fire happens – small or large – you need help. Call the best licensed, local fire damage repair professionals in central Texas: Target Restoration.

When you need fire repair, call experts you can trust. We offer free evaluations for emergencies.

Quality you can expect. Integrity you can trust.

24-Hour Per Day Emergency Response

Target Restoration professionals are licensed and prepared to handle all disaster response. Day or night, we help you put the pieces of your life back together immediately.

Disasters like fire occur around the clock. You don’t have to wait until morning.

At Your Door in Less Than an Hour

Throughout central Texas, we can respond and be at your property quickly. Generally within an hour, and often within 30 minutes.

We will evaluate the damage. We will secure your property. We conduct temporary and permanent repairs.

Target Restoration are your fire mitigation professionals.

We start as soon as you need it. We start the moment you call.

Fire Damage Restoration

Burning House Fire Damage RestorationCommercial and Residential Fire Damage Restoration

No matter the source of your residential or commercial fire, Target Restoration is prepared to clean up and restore your building.

  • Fires from chemicals, oil, and combustible materials
  • Grease and restaurant fires
  • Electrical fires in homes and businesses

Target Restoration fire restoration professionals guide you through the entire process.

Each of our professional technicians is certified to manage your full fire and smoke damage remediation. And you receive a team of our experts to help you get your home or business back to normal.

Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Some damaged property can be repaired or restored. Target Restoration cleanup professionals separate property that can be restored, and performs full fire and smoke damage cleanup. Save your furniture, wall hangings, and other personal valuables.

Target Restoration can restore smoke damaged documents and electronic media. Depending on the damage, our technicians may be able to recover documents and computer data.

Clean Out Your Property, Clean Out Your Life

Immediately after the damage, you may need a team experienced in extreme cleanups. Target Restoration cleaning professionals are experienced at hazardous situations.

We know how to handle melted plastics, overheated home furnishings, and damaged building materials. We provide the beset fire and smoke restoration services.

IICRC certified Master Fire Restorers lead professional fire damage restoration teams. Insured and trained. Cleanup and repair professionals.

Remove what’s beyond repair to make room for great new things.

Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke leaves distinct damage and unpleasant odors in buildings. Target Restoration fire restoration contractors specialize in removing smoke damage.

Deodorizing services help get your property back to normal.

Ozone treatments can remove odors using concentrated air.
Thermal fogging is a process of heated chemical steam to remove smoke damage and smells from all types of building materials.

Give your home or business a fresh face, and refreshing scent, with Target Restoration.

Restoring Your Property: Fire and Smoke Damage

The contents of your property may be damaged in a fire. So might the building. Target Restoration employs a range of fire and smoke damage restoration specialists.

Our team handles all indoor and outdoor fire damage repair.

Exterior Damage

Target Restoration performs full fire restoration and smoke mitigation on modern and historic homes. We pay attention to details of the building’s architecture and design, and are proud to match unique materials and design with our top quality workmanship.

Fire damage occurs in areas you see, and areas that might not be obvious right away. Your Target Restoration team performs an evaluation of your property’s exterior, to make sure that all smoke and fire damage is found.

We evaluate, repair, and replace exterior building structures damaged by fire and smoke, including:

  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Paint
  • Brick
  • Sidewalk or driveway concrete
  • Garage doors
  • Fencing

Hundreds of outdoor fires occur every year. People in Texas love to barbecue, bonfire, and light fires outside. At times, this can lead to disaster.

A small thing can become a disaster.

Target Restoration: best fire restoration company in central Texas. There for you after a disaster.

Smoke Damage Treatment


It also takes a special touch and the right tools for cleaning smoke damage.

Once cleaned up, interior structures may need to be repaired or replaced and we’ll let you know what’s best in your case.

We will evaluate, repair, conduct soot removal, and replace interior materials damaged by fire or smoke, including (partial list):

  • Framing
  • Cabinetry
  • Drywall
  • Lighting
  • Brick
  • Flooring
  • Foundations
  • Piping
  • Air Ducts & HVAC

In any fire emergency situation, Target Restoration thoroughly inspects homes and commercial buildings for all damages. We specialize in emergency fire repair.

We don’t just respond to disasters, we rebuild lives.

Top materials, impeccable installation, safely recovered buildings.

Soot Removal

Fire damage inside property occurs because of both flames and smoke. When flames melt or consume materials, ash and soot layers onto property.

Soot can do lasting damage to buildings and interior property after a fire. It can cause a hazardous environment for people. Soot requires specialized equipment and cleaning techniques to remove without causing further damages.

Chem sponges treat smoke damage and remove soot and smoke odors.
Thermal fogging releases deeply ingrained soot from hard-to-reach areas and textiles.

Roof Repair and Replacement

Roofs are generally damaged by fire when flames and smoke from an indoor fire reaches the attic.

Outdoor fires and wildfires can also cause severe smoke and flame damage to the roof if they reach your building.

Target Restoration performs home and commercial roof repair and replacement. Everything from shingle roofs to flat metal roofs to tile roofs.

We repair and replace smoke and flame damage, improving designs and using the best materials.

Target Restoration: licensed professionals to handle it all.

Interior Damage

Fire damage cleanup requires the right equipment and training – and Target Restoration team members have both. Let us handle your extreme clean up and restoration from fire and smoke damage.

Architectural Integrity
Modern homes and historic homes have different needs. Target Restoration technicians are experts in matching design details in repairing and restoring your property after a fire.

Target Restoration: Fast. Reputable. Award-Winning

Target Restoration Fast Reputable award-winingAs one of central Texas’ most established fire damage restoration companies, Target Restoration has been voted one of the best emergency restoration companies time and again.

Our IICRC licensed Master Fire Restorers evaluate and restore your historic or modern home with quality materials.

We guide you through the insurance claim and all repair paperwork.

We perform a full disaster restoration on your property after fire or smoke damages it.

Target Restoration: best in class. Best in central Texas. No fire and smoke restoration companies work for you like we do.

Quality you can expect. Integrity you can trust.

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