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Home-Commercial-Roof-Damage-RepairTarget Restoration’s professionals have, for over 20 years, served homes and businesses in Houston, TX and the neighboring areas with our disaster restoration and cleanup services.

Our team is dedicated to answering your calls for assistance promptly, allowing us to limit damage and start the restoration process.

All cases will be approached with professionalism. We — as licensed, trained, and experienced technicians — can address nearly all disaster restoration situations regarding commercial and residential buildings.

Licensed and Certified Technicians

Reconstruction Services Houston TXAs a member of Centurion Solutions Team, Target Restoration is provided with operational support for disaster preparedness and recovery.

This is done through the HGACBuy contract and includes training, planning, and exercises.

Our team is also a part of TIPS and TAPS, the Interlocal Purchasing Systems of Texas and Oklahoma.

As members of such, we are ready to help hospitals, businesses, government facilities, and industrial buildings through our disaster restoration services.

When combined, our technicians have over 100 years of experience with disaster restoration.  We are licensed, have IICRC certification, and do continuous on-the-job and classroom training to maintain certification.

Our Team

At Target Restoration, we employ professionals with IICRC certification known as Master Restorers. Some examples of such include Master Fire and Smoke Restorers (MFSR), Master Water Restorers (MWR), and Master Textile Cleaners (MTC). To be a Master Restorer, one has to have at least 7 years of training.

Target Restoration can be relied on to use only the best technology, techniques, and equipment to perform restoration on your property. When it comes to dealing with data, documents, and any potential legal issues, you can count on us to protect your privacy, as we are HIPAA-compliant.

Texans Serving Texans

Target Restoration, as members of the community, finds pride in helping central Texas’s local communities. Our team consists of parents, husbands and wives, little league coaches, church and community members, and military veterans. We are aware of how Texans can be affected by natural disasters, and we are prepared to serve our fellow community members whenever such assistance is needed.

Trusted Disaster Restoration

We have conducted emergency restoration work on a couple of important central Texas institutions: Baylor University, Belton ISD, Darnell Army Hospital, and Fort Hood.

We are available to respond to your emergency disaster restoration needs in the Houston, TX area on a 24/7 basis. Our team has been awarded with numerous honors for our services: the 2015 Best of Waco for Water/Fire Restoration Service, the 2014 Home Restoration HOT Choice Award in 2014, and the 2013 Contractor Connection Gold Hammer Award.

Target Restoration can be contacted 24/7 at (877) 741-9026 for our emergency disaster restoration services in Houston, TX.

Water Damage Restoration Houston TX

Water Damage Restoration – Houston, TX

With a myriad of sources like rain and broken appliances, water damage is the most common type of property damage.

When water gets inside of a building, furnishings and building materials, such as drywall and wood, absorb it. This then allows the water to spread further and cause more damage.

Affected materials weaken and become discolored, posing a risk for potential structural damage and mold growth.

Target Restoration’s professional water damage restoration services can address situations like this in businesses and homes based in Houston, TX.

To tend to such damage, we use dehumidification and drying equipment that removes excess water. Additionally, we conduct cleanup and make repairs to damaged spaces.


Fire Damage Restoration – Houston

Fires have the power to severely damage homes and buildings with their flames and the corrosive byproducts they leave behind.

Flames cause immediate damage, devouring anything in their way, and they produce corrosive byproducts.

These byproducts, such as soot and smoke, linger and leave behind an oily residue even after the fire has been extinguished.

The corrosive byproducts often cause even more damage to your property than the fire and this damage can become permanent. Knowing this, it is essential that the damage is addressed immediately.

Our technicians at Target Restoration will conduct thorough fire damage restoration services to restore fire-damaged homes and businesses in Houston, TX. With our services, we will repair structural damage and clean smoke and soot left behind by the fire.

We are licensed general contractors who can properly rebuild residential and commercial properties, restoring them to their former condition.

Mold Remediation Houston TX

Mold Remediation – Houston, TX

No matter the type of property, mold’s presence is a troublesome one because it not only damages your property but can also harm your health.

Usually, mold makes an appearance when there’s a water problem, because moist areas allow mold spores to thrive.

Drywall, wood, and other building materials have organic materials that mold colonies use as a food source. As such, when mold feeds on them, the materials suffer serious damage. If the problem isn’t tended to, then the damage worsens, and the health risks are heightened.

At Target Restoration, we provide complete mold remediation services in Houston, TX that will eliminate all cases of mold from homes and businesses. Furthermore, we will make repairs and rebuild whatever necessary. We have licensing from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to conduct mold removal.


Biohazard Cleaning – Houston

It is very dangerous to come into contact with any type of biohazard materials. This is because such materials have harmful toxins that may lead to disease or infection.

Among some examples of biohazard materials are asbestos, blood and bodily fluids found at a trauma scene, lead, mold, and sewage.

No matter what type of biohazard you find, though, it is important to stay away from it because of the potential for harm. Knowing this, you need to contact a professional to conduct removal and cleanup.

Target Restoration can safely remove biohazard materials and clean affected areas in Houston, TX, through our biohazard cleaning services. We have technicians who are well trained and equipped to remove biohazards and will treat such scenarios in a respectful manner if an accident or violent crime is involved.

Roof Repair – TX

Roofs act as homes’ and buildings’ first line of defense, which can cause them to undergo damage from the weather, debris, or animals.

If your property’s roof has been damaged as a result of a natural disaster, it is crucial for repairs to be made right away. Otherwise, the entire property becomes more susceptible to damage. Target Restoration can repair damaged roofs with our roof repair services in Houston, TX.

Our team will conduct work to have temporary stabilization done to give your home or building some protection. Then, we will develop a plan for a long-term repair solution to fix your damaged roofing.

Reconstruction Houston TX

Construction Services – Houston, TX

All natural disasters have the potential to cause property damage that is so severe construction services are required to fix it. The damage can be done to both a property’s exterior and its structure, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the building.

When buildings have been significantly damaged, they need to be stabilized immediately. Target Restoration has a construction team of handymen, subcontractors, restoration specialists, and project managers that will conduct reconstruction services in Houston, TX.

With licensed general contractors, we guarantee that your property will be thoroughly restored after a disaster.

Structural-Drying-Dehumidification-Houston-TXDehumidification and Structural Drying – Houston

After water damage, the moisture level of the air within your property needs to return to its normal level. We will help with this by using a strategic dehumidification process. We use high-end hygrometers and electronic moisture detection to restore your property. Our moisture remediation specialists can also address excessive, long-term water damage for neglected or abandoned properties.

Available 24/7

Target Restoration can be reached on a 24/7 basis for our emergency disaster restoration services in Houston, TX, at (877) 741-9026.

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