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Discovering that your home or business has suffered serious damage following a disaster can be a traumatic experience. However, the amount of damage makes it more urgent for you to take action immediately. When the damage is that severe, the building can be unstable, uninhabitable, and vulnerable to further damage.

Target Restoration has emergency board ups and tarping services to help homes and businesses in need in Houston, TX. With our help, your property will be secured and protected until the full restoration can be done.

Damage Caused by Natural Disasters

board-up-services-houston-texasWhether it’s a flood, hurricane, or a fire, there are many disasters powerful enough to damage a building’s structure. The first line of defense against the outside elements, the roof, will suffer most of the damage. The disaster may have left holes in the roof, allowing the property to be exposed and vulnerable to damage.

Windows and siding are also known to suffer serious damage by a disaster, which can allow rain, wildlife, and even vandals into the property. Animals can chew building materials and electrical wiring, but they can also leave behind odors and biohazard materials. If this happens, there’s more to address during the restoration process. If there’s water damage, then mold can begin growing within 24 hours. This is especially concerning, because not only will mold growth cause additional property damage, but it can also cause various health issues.

Allowing your property to remain exposed only increases the chances for further damage. With our emergency board up and tarping services, we can limit the damage and prevent further harm. This will also provide necessary stabilization until the reconstruction can be done.

Within our board up and tarping services, we provide the following:

  • Boarding up any holes and other openings
  • Stabilizing the building’s structure
  • Providing temporary enclosures
  • Tarping the roof over
  • Putting barricades up wherever necessary

If you find that your residential or commercial property has suffered serious damage following a natural disaster or vandalism, be sure to contact Target Restoration right away for the emergency board up and tarping services we provide. With our help, your property won’t suffer further damage and will be in stable condition until full restoration can be done.

Available 24/7

For 24/7 emergency board up and tarping services in Houston, TX, call Target Restoration at (877) 741-9026.

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