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Texas residents are no strangers to the serious damage that hurricanes and tornadoes can cause their homes and buildings. Given their power, severe storms can tear trees from their roots and blow debris around only for it to hit your property and cause damage. It can leave you property’s exterior and structure in unstable condition. If such an occurrence happens, then there’s also an increased chance for further damage, including potential vandalism.

If water is a problem, the damage it causes will worsen as the water spreads throughout your home or business. With this, there is a high chance for mold growth to develop. That said, it’s important that you seek immediate help from emergency restoration services. Target Restoration provides 24/7 hurricane and tornado damage restoration services to homes and businesses in need in Houston, TX.

Emergency Storm Damage Restoration

At Target Restoration, we employ professional technicians who are properly trained and well experienced with providing immediate help for tornado and hurricane damage. We can work on all property types and sizes. From water extraction to roof repairs to building material restoration, our restoration staff will do an efficient job with your property.

Tornado Damage

Tornado-Damage-Houston-TexasTornadoes are a year-round occurrence in Texas, but they are more common at the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Tornadoes feature strong winds that are powerful enough to pull up power lines and trees, tear apart homes and buildings, and toss around vehicles. When the tornado has dissipated, buildings can be damaged and unstable with various kinds of debris littering the environment. If power lines are still working, it can be dangerous just to walk outside.

Hurricane Damage

Given the destruction that Hurricane Harvey caused, it’s well known just how bad of a condition hurricanes can leave homes and buildings in. Strong winds tear roofing and siding from properties, and floodwaters occupy whole neighborhoods, ruining building materials and contents. These floodwaters can be even more dangerous if they contain sewage and other debris, because those materials contain numerous bacteria and toxins that cause illnesses, infections, and injuries.

At Target Restoration, our staff is ready to help residential and commercial properties recover from the extreme flooding brought by hurricanes. We will make structural repairs and extract standing water and excess moisture from homes and businesses.

The following services are included within our hurricane damage restorations services:

  • Flood Cleanup: After a hurricane hits, most properties will have standing water inside. This needs to be addressed immediately in order to prevent building materials and furnishings from deteriorating. Our staff has the professional equipment necessary to extract standing water. We will use powerful dehumidifiers to eliminate excess moisture from air spaces. Additionally, our technicians will repair physical damage and get rid of any debris.
  • Emergency Board Ups: To prevent further damage from outside elements and potential vandalism, all holes and openings need to be boarded up. This keeps your property well protected until full restoration can be conducted.
  • Tarp Protection: If your roof is damaged, any rain and wind can cause additional damage. This is why it’s necessary that we tarp over your roof.
  • Temporary Roof Repairs: In addition to tarp, our staff can also temporarily repair your roof to ensure further security. Not only will this keep your roof in proper condition until the full restoration is complete, but it will also protect your property’s interior from suffering more damage.
  • Debris Removal: Our staff will safely remove any branches, trees, and other large objects that have made their way into your property. We also take the time to remove broken glass and building materials.
  • Mold Removal: Using our professional equipment, our technicians will remove all cases of mold from your home or business. This will prevent it from spreading and causing further damage while we conduct our service. If any building materials were permanently damaged by the mold, then we also remove those and install replacements.

We can also provide other additional services if necessary, including content restoration and pack-out services, document drying, and emergency power generation.

During tornado and hurricane seasons, it’s important that property owners take the time to prepare their homes and buildings. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of damage these disasters can cause your property. No matter what, though, Target Restoration is ready to help property owners in the aftermath of a tornado or hurricane. We will cover the entirety of the restoration work, providing you with peace of mind.

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