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How To Find A Reputable Water Damage Restoration Company

How to Find a Reputable Water Damage Restoration Company

Like water swirling down the drain, thousands of dollars go into repairing water damage. Homeowners, on average, shell out between $1,078 and $4,094 to restore their property after an incident of water damage.

Given the high financial stakes involved in water damage restoration, it becomes critical to ensure you are dealing with a reputable water damage restoration service.

Water damage can loom from many sources. Missing roof shingles can allow rainwater to saturate indoor ceilings. Drainage issues, clogged gutters or a sewage backup will devastate the basement with a flood of water. Drywall must be replaced if it becomes water logged.

Flooring that sits underwater for any length of time will likely degrade. Burst pipes are common in subfreezing temperatures. The gurgling toilet seems like a minor issue, but it can quickly explode into a mammoth problem. Natural causes, like hurricanes or torrential downpours, can wreak havoc with little warning.

Tips for Finding a Good Water Damage Restoration Company

Before disaster takes over your household, be familiar with a quality water damage restoration service. Locate a dependable, professional service by looking for these key features:

1. Licensed & Insured

A trustworthy water damage restoration company is licensed and insured. Licensure means the company is approved to do business in the state. The company also carries liability insurance to give customers peace of mind when technicians are working in their home.

2. IICRC CertifiedIICRC-Logo

The company’s technicians are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which demonstrates that the individuals performing water damage restoration tasks are qualified and competent in the industry.

Fixing water damage is costly. Inexperienced or unskilled technicians will only worsen the already expensive cleanup. Improper cleaning methods can contribute to the existing degradation. Unqualified technicians will likely leave mold infestations unaddressed, ensuring devastating, long-term consequences for the household.

3. Quick Response

Water damage rapidly spreads. In the blink of an eye, permanent structural damage will follow. Mold colonies take hold within as little as 24 hours. A swift response to water damage is clearly a necessity.

Reputable water damage restorers are available 24 hours a day. Technicians should arrive at your home promptly after your emergency call. Ideally, your preferred water damage restoration company offers emergency services 365 days of the year.

4. Verified Ratings

After a major disaster, several fly-by-night repair operations spring up, leaving affected homeowners with a lackluster solution and plenty of worry.

A history of satisfied customers almost always ensures you will follow suit. Positive reviews are not the only indication of a reputable provider. Recommendations from friends, colleagues and relatives will point you to a service of excellence. Also look for a high rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Be sure to pursue local references, since local companies depend on word of mouth to help promote their quality repair services.

5. Detailed Contract

Once an assessment of the damage is made, a quality service provider will spell out all terms of service in a contract. The contract should indicate when the repairs will be completed, what services will be provided and an estimated price of service. Review the details in the contract, making sure this relevant information is outlined in the document, prior to signing.

6. Knowledge of Insurance ClaimsWater-Damage-Mitigation-Target-Restoration-Services

A sound water damage restoration company is experienced with working with insurance companies and offers assistance with filing insurance claims for damaged property. With knowledge of the insurance procedures, skilled water damage restoration specialists will lend a hand in accelerating the water damage claims processes.

7. Cutting Edge Equipment

Water damage scenarios require high-tech equipment to remove all traces of excess moisture. Powerful dehumidifiers, industrial air movers, moisture meters and specialized mapping techniques differentiate the small fry from a standout service.

The sheer power of the advanced machinery and technique hastens the drying process, leaving homeowners with a restored home sooner rather than later. Mold growth stops in its tracks once moisture is removed, preventing mold colonies from sprouting in the future. A speedy restoration also improves the chances of restoring artwork, important documents and similar affected materials.

8. Professionalism

Your home is a valuable space. When you invite reliable workers into your home, you can expect them to improve the stressful water damage scenario without causing additional tension. A reputable service will be sensitive to your distress and caringly answer any questions.

An upright water damage restoration company is dedicated to 100 percent customer satisfaction. Technicians will take extra steps to handle your belongings carefully, offering offsite storage spaces to store damaged goods until the main property is thoroughly dry.

When your home or business floods or undergoes water damage of any severity, contact Austin’s most reputable water damage restoration company, Target Restoration. Technicians at Target Restoration are IICRC-certified, licensed and extensively trained to handle all types of water damage scenarios.

Contact Target RestorationTarget Restoration Services LLC

Servicing both commercial and residential buildings, Target Restoration quickly dispatches technicians to the affected property. Upon arrival, an immediate assessment helps our specialists develop a water damage restoration plan.

Our skilled technicians identify moisture-laden areas using moisture meters and mapping techniques. All surplus moisture is pulled from the affected area by powerful dehumidifiers. Air is circulated by placing air movers throughout the premises. The space is deemed dry when advanced moisture detection equipment accurately detects a lack of excess moisture. Any musty odors that stem from mold growth are effectively eliminated using ozone treatments and other deodorization techniques. The space is sanitized to ensure it is safe to occupy.

Target Restoration is experienced in flood restoration and handling properties affected by various types of flooding, including natural floods, pipe bursts, leaky appliances and sewage backups. Whether the water damage is caused by clean, gray or black water, our Target Restoration technicians are equipped with the tools of the trade and the knowledge of water classifications to safely restore the area and return it to a habitable state.

Available 24/7

Austin, Texas, relies on Target Restoration for all its water damage restoration needs. Specialists stand by 24 hours a day at (877) 741-9026 to respond to emergency calls. 

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