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As all Texas residents are aware, hurricanes and tornadoes can cause severe destruction to home and building structures. Heavy storms are strong enough to rip trees from their roots as well as blow around debris to damage your roof, property structure, vehicle, and the property’s exterior. When finding it in this condition, the risk for additional damage from other sources such as nuisance animals and vandalism is heightened.

Water damage can also spread throughout the property, threatening mold growth in all affected areas. This is why it’s crucial to call for emergency services, such as Target Restoration. We are available 24/7 in Waco and the surrounding areas of central Texas to provide complete hurricane and tornado damage restoration services for homes and buildings.

Emergency Storm Damage Restoration

Our restoration professionals at Target Restoration are both trained and experienced when it comes to responding immediately to hurricane and tornado damage. We handle properties of all types and sizes while working quickly to restore them to their original condition. Everything from roof repairs to extracting water to restoring building materials, you can count on us to finish the job in an efficient manner.

Tornado Damage


Tornadoes occur throughout the year in Texas, but they are most common in late spring and early summer. With these storms comes strong winds enough to rip homes and buildings to shreds, pick up vehicles, and pull trees and power lines from their roots. After the tornado, properties are left in shambles, with debris littering the streets and yards, including glass, tree branches, and fallen power lines. Even walking outside is dangerous if any power lines are still active.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Harvey was a primary example of the type of damage these storms can put on Texas’ homes and buildings. In addition to strong winds that rip off roofing and siding, floodwaters running several feet deep take over neighborhoods and leave all building materials and contents in ruins. These floodwaters can also be dangerous as they contain a number of bacteria and toxins from sewage plants and debris, that can quickly cause injuries and infections.

Target Restoration is always prepared to help homes and businesses recover from extreme flooding through repairing building structures and extracting floodwaters from the properties.

Our hurricane damage restoration services include the following services:

  • Flood cleanup: Many properties are full of standing water after hurricanes. If not addressed immediately, the water will deteriorate all building materials, starting with the walls, floors, insulation, and furniture. But Target Restoration will use professional equipment to extract all standing water, set up powerful dehumidifiers to dry out all air spaces, remove all debris, and repair all physical damage.
  • Emergency Board Ups: Any open holes will be boarded up to prevent additional damage from outside elements, such as rain, vandalism, and nuisance animals. This will keep the property structure protected until full restoration can occur.
  • Tarp Protection: The roof will be tarped over to keep it from leaking as well as prevent additional damage from rain and wind.
  • Temporary roof repairs: If there is extensive damage to the roof, we can provide temporary roof repairs to maintain security on the property. This will also prevent the property’s interior from additional storm damage.
  • Debris Removal: If any trees, branches, or other large objects have fallen onto the home or building, we will have these carefully removed. Any broken glass and building materials will also be cleared away.
  • Mold Removal: We will removal all mold growth from the property using professional equipment and preventing it from spreading further before or during the service. We will also remove and replace any permanently damaged building materials affected from the mold.

If additional services are needed, such as emergency power generation, document drying, or contents restoration and pack out services are needed, we can provide these to cover all parts of the reconstruction process.

We also urge all property owners to prepare their properties during hurricane and tornado season. Doing so can reduce the risk of damage to great extents, protecting the building structures from severe flooding and strong winds. But we are always prepared to help property owners in an emergency situation. As it is our goal to provide you with complete peace of mind, we ensure to cover all aspects of the restoration service.

Contact Us

For additional information or to request emergency hurricane damage restoration services from Target Restoration in Waco and central Texas, contact us at (877) 741-9026. We are available 24/7.

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