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Call Us in an Emergency – Available 24/7

When disaster affects your home or business property, we are ready to answer. Our professionals are standing by 24/7/365.

Part of the Killeen community. We are only a short phone call away.

Experienced. Professional. Local.

Available to respond around the clock: Target Restoration.Property-Damage-Restoration-Killeen-TX

Home to Fort Hood. Home to a great community.

Target Restoration is proud to be among the best fire and water damage restoration companies serving the Killeen, TX, and surrounding Bell County.

We love helping people. Target Restoration loves taking care of our neighbors’ properties. For the best fire and water cleanup and restoration, call Target Restoration.

Only USAA Large Loss Restoration Company in Central Texas

Fort Hood, Texas, near Killeen, is one of the largest military communities in the US. We are proud to serve those who serve our country.

Working with USAA insured properties every day. Serving active duty personnel and veterans. Dedicated to ensuring every property in Killeen is restored after emergencies or disasters.

We contracted with the Fort Hood Operations Branch to serve the properties and facilities at Fort Hood.

We enjoy a partnership as the emergency restoration team for Darnell Army Hospital.

TIPS/TAPS Contractors

Throughout Texas and Oklahoma, Target Restoration is a part of the Interlocal Purchasing Systems.

As members, we restore government facilities, municipalities, churches, schools, and a other properties.

Designed for fast convenience during an emergency, the TIPS/TAPS system makes it easy for local business to get service.

Certified for Property Damage Restoration

Our professionals receive the Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and are prepared to handle any disaster clean up and repair.

Target Restoration: certified and trained. We handle your property restoration from foundation to roof, and everything between.

Insurance Claim Assistance

For many home and business owners, this emergency is your first. We are ready to help guide you through your property disaster insurance claim. On your team of property restoration professionals is an insurance specialist. Getting your life back – one piece of paperwork at a time.

Full Water Damage Restoration ServiceWater-Damage-Restoration-Killeen-TX

Any Type of Water Emergency

Texas summer storms can be destructive to properties.

Excess groundwater can soak into building materials and cause problems in your foundation or structure.
Flooding can bring in outside contaminants and organic materials that wreak havoc in your property.
A burst pipe or sewer backup can create a downright dangerous – and gross – situation.
If a fire happens, the sprinklers might go off – which means your property will need both fire and water cleanup and restoration.

Target Restoration professional teams are prepared for any type of water emergency. However water gets into your property, and whatever is damaged, our certified technicians are prepared.

Abandoned and Neglected Properties Present Special Challenges
If you discover water damage that has been going on unnoticed for a long time, Target Restoration can remove hazardous, waterlogged materials, and return your home or business space into a dry, functional property again.

Long-Term Water Recovery

Target Restoration offers various drying options, depending on your emergency and your building. We are here to meet your needs.

Killeen residence and business property owners can choose from a range of industrial blowers and desiccant drying options that will be right for your property’s size, materials, and recovery timeline.

Getting Your Property Back to Normal
Not only do we handle the immediate disaster repair, we help you plan for the long-term restoration.

We perform interior and exterior repairs on all the property’s structures and content.
We dry your documents and recover your media.
We restore lighting and flooring.
We manage your property’s full water damage restoration.

It is our pleasure to consult with you about property improvements that can prevent future water damage.

Target Restoration: we don’t just restore your property, we protect your future.

Drying and Dehumidification
When moisture stays in your building structures, it causes long-term damage. Target Restoration gives you a long-term solution.

Mold Remediation
Target Restoration is certified throughout central Texas to perform the most extreme types of mold remediation and restoration.

Water damage can result in mold. Removing mold is a biohazard that requires the right safety precautions and equipment.

Trust the professionals who can remove and repair the mold that results from your property’s water damage. Extreme cleanup professionals. Mold remediation superstars.

Water damage leaves lingering odors. Rotten or saturated materials may leave a “musky” humidity and after smell in your rooms.

Target Restoration offers full dehumidification and deodorization services to make the air in the rooms as fresh as the great outdoors.

We serve Killeen residents and business owners so thoroughly because we care.

Repairing buildings. Replacing commercial roofs. Restoring communities.

Target Restoration will make your property shine after a disaster.

Flooding. Storm damage. Sewer backup. Hail. Pipe overflow. Faulty appliance. Property water damage comes from many sources.

It doesn’t matter how it happens – when water damages your property, it can be a big deal. Don’t let it turn into a disaster.

Call the water restoration experts who can remove the water and put you back on dry land. Serving the Killeen communities, deep in the heart of Texas.

Target Restoration has the certifications, the equipment, and the resources to restore your property to normal.

We are trained to restore modern and historic properties, with attention to detail and special design elements. Special jobs require special knowledge, and Target Restoration loves to restore all types of central Texas architecture.

HIIPA Compliant
For commercial properties, we are prepared to handle insurance needs.Deodorization-Cleanup-Killeen-TX

Immediate Water Recovery

Emergencies happen all the time.

Immediately after a water emergency, Target Restoration provides water extraction services. An early and important step in your water recovery process, extracting water is our specialty. Saturated buildings often require specialized tools to remove water from the structures, textiles, furniture, and flooring.

If your water emergency or flooding situation is severe enough that your Killeen commercial property loses power, Target Restoration can also provide full emergency power generation and climate control services during a water emergency. In the most extreme situations, we provide full commercial relocation services.

We perform emergency board ups and can tarp up your roof – to prevent your property from suffering more water damage. We get your property temporarily secured while we inspect for hidden damage and consult with you about property improvements.Hazardous-Water-Cleanup-Killeen-TX

Hazardous Water Cleanup

Target Restoration offers immediate water extraction services, and with immediate water removal, all biohazards can be cleaned out.

Floods might leave organic matter from outside that require safety precautions to remove.
Some water cleanup can be dangerous to clean up without the right products and tools. Environmentally safe disposal can be a big concern during a wastewater clean up.

Let the Target Restoration team manage extreme cleanups after water damage.

Disasters don’t happen only during business hours. That’s why Target Restoration provides around the clock disaster recovery and emergency intervention.

Top Mold Remediation and Recovery

Mold Removal and Biohazard Cleanup Specialists

Texas weather switches things up. When it gets hot and humid, the conditions are perfect for mold growth. Mold often goes unnoticed in attics, basements, storage areas, garages, and other areas of your property. By the time these neglected areas are inspected, your property may need immediate, extreme mold remediation.

For special situations like this, call the top Killeen mold removal team: Target Restoration.

All mold removal and remediation specialists in Texas are required to be licensed through the Department of State Health Services. Technicians should be able to show their license at any time.

Dehumidification and Deodorization

Humid conditions keep mold coming back. Moisture seeps into a building’s structures, causing all sorts of havoc.

During mold removal, change the space for full treatment. By removing the moisture from the space, treating the smell, and abating future mold growth, you are ensuring your property can be resistant to mold growth in the future.

Ozone treatments and other deodorizing techniques can remove “musty” mold smells and make every room of your property smell fresh.Dehumidificatiion-Deodorization-Cleanup-Killeen-TX

Biohazards and Environmental Services

Extreme cleanups require specialized safety equipment, tools, and knowledge. If your situation may be a biohazard – even if you just think it is and aren’t sure – call a Target Restoration professional team to check it out.

Organic material. Abandoned materials that are rotting. Contaminated and unsanitary conditions. We handle it all.

Target Restoration: Full mold remediation services, and so much more.

Your Fire Restoration ExpertsFire-Restoration-Experts-Killeen-TX

Fires are year-round hazards. They spread quickly and cause a lot of destruction. In the summer, bonfires and barbecues can mean disasters. Gutters are an especially hazardous part of their property that many people don’t realize can catch fire and cause a disaster during the hot, sunny summer months. In the winter, fireplaces and electrical malfunctions can create fires indoors.

Faulty kitchen appliances. Radiator mishaps. No matter how it starts, after the fire department puts it out, call Target Restoration. We are the top Killeen fire and smoke restoration experts. We handle any fire damage repair.

Smoke Damage and Deodorization

After a fire, smoke leaves damage in a property that you can’t see – but you probably can smell it. Smoke can soak into your property’s walls, paint, and textiles, leaving a lingering reminder of the disaster.

As part of your full fire restoration, Target Restoration’s professionals can perform deodorizing treatments on your property.

Thermal fogging. Ozone treatments.

We have the equipment and experience to repair your home after the fire. All the things you can see – and those you can’t.

Target Restoration: remove the fire. Remove the damage. Renew your property. Restore your life.Smoke-Damage-Cleanup-Killeen-TX

Safe. Thorough. Commercial Roofing Experts.


Whether emergencies are caused by something inside or outside your property, your roof may be damaged.

Hail storms, wind, and rain can cause holes that let elements into your property and cause more damage. Fires and smoke can cause weakened roof structures from the inside. Some commercial roofs are simply neglected and not well maintained, and over time, become weak.

When disaster strikes, business owners may have more on their hands than they were prepared for.

Full Roof Replacement Services

From the framework to the shingles. Supports. Insulation. Gutters. We handle tile or metal roofs. Skylights and roof HVAC systems. Protection from the environment using environmentally friendly materials and design.

All types of roofs. All roofing materials. Experienced in historic and modern architecture.

We match the colors, design, and integrity of your building. Professionals with upgraded roofing designs.

Environmentally friendly. Energy saving.

The right roof design and replacement can make all the difference.

Call Target Restoration for commercial roofing replacement. A disaster recovery team that sees you through your full property damage restoration.

Certified Roofing Professionals

Target Restoration is the Killeen community’s top commercial roofing replacement company. Our technicians are certified in temporary emergency roof tarp up and board up to help you recover quickly from a disaster, but we are also fully trained in putting a permanent roof back over your property.


Trusted Name in Hail Damage Repair

Killeen is no stranger to extreme weather. When a hail storm rages, you never know what might happen to your property. Some hail damage is immediate and you notice it soon – dents, dings, scratches, and holes.

Target Restoration’s emergency response helps you clean up the hail and immediately repair this damage. Don’t let a sudden hail emergency stop you.

Unnoticed Damage
Some hail damage may go unnoticed for weeks or months. Damage to the roof, windows, siding, or other areas on your property might not be caught right away. When damage isn’t fixed immediately, it leaves your property open to the risk of more damage with the next storm.

As time goes on, you need more fixes for a full water damage restoration. Hail damage can build up and become so extreme that it may even cause you to need a full roof replacement.

Target Restoration thoroughly inspects your property for all hail damage.

We restore roofs, attics, garages, and other spaces damaged by hail. We repair and replace siding or windows. We remove water damaged insulation and other building materials. We recover a feeling of security for your home.

Target Restoration: We do it all.Hail-Damage-Repair-Killeen-TX

Immediate Disaster Recovery – Anytime

24-Hour Emergency Response

Disasters can happen at any time. After the emergency vehicles leave and you’re facing the clean-up, remember: You don’t have to face it alone.

Our certified disaster recovery specialists are standing by to help Killeen homeowners and business owners. Call anytime to receive immediate relief from the emergency situation and help to get back on your feet.Disaster-Recovery-Killeen-TX

Anytime. Anywhere in Killeen or throughout central Texas. Target Restoration is your disaster recovery team on stand-by. No matter what your emergency, call us for immediate help.

Emergency Board Up, Roof Tarping, and More

For homes and commercial properties throughout Killeen dealing with a sudden disaster, we provide emergency board up and roof tarping services. We respond to your disaster and immediately secure the property from future damage.

For businesses throughout Bell County that experience a sudden, devastating loss of power, we also provide emergency commercial power generation and portable climate control.

Darnell Army Hospital, secure Fort Hood military facilities, and all Killeen commercial properties that can’t afford to lose power. Target Restoration makes sure you don’t.

We offer commercial relocation and inventory services, if your business needs to operate from a different location while your property is restored.

Ask your Target Restoration Project Manager about all property damage restoration.

Long-Term Emergency Restoration

After your emergency situation has recovered a bit, you need professionals to help guide you through the entire restoration process. The Target Restoration team has decades of experience helping families and businesses recover after a disaster.

Trust the professionals who can take you through every step of your water damage or fire and smoke restoration process.

Interior Recovery

Target Restoratios emergency restoration professionals can bring the interior of your property back to life. We repair everything from the roof down – from water, flooding, fire, and other emergency situations.

Target Restoration cleans and restores:

  • Drywall
  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Textiles & Furniture
  • Documents & Computers

We go through your home or business thoroughly to pay attention to every detail. We make the interior better than new.

Target Restoration: top in Killeen, TX fire and water damage restoration companies.

Certified professionals. Around the clock response. Guaranteed service. Your full satisfaction.


Exterior Building

Your garage, storage areas, concrete, building’s siding and bricks, and all exterior property can be damaged after a disaster. Let the Target Restoration professional team assess and address every inch of your property. Damage restoration is our business. We handle it so you can handle yours.

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