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Mold Can Begin to Grow within Hours of Water Damage So You Need to Act Fast

Mold after water leakMold can begin to grow within hours of water damage. It destroys building materials and textiles and causes an unsafe environment, becoming a health hazard to people and animals in the building.

The best way to fully recover from mold in your property is to call the best local licensed mold remediation contractor team.

Target Restoration offers home and commercial mold remediation for properties of all sizes.

Mold removal specialists to restore your property to a healthy, safe environment.

Water Damage and Flooding

Water Damage and FloodingWater damage occurs in your home after heavy storms, pipe bursts, or appliance backups. When moisture builds up in your property, it creates the perfect conditions for mold growth.

This is known as “secondary damage” after flooding or water infiltration.

At Target Restoration, we use non-invasive techniques to measure moisture levels throughout your property.

We use sophisticated psychometric measurements and tests to thoroughly dry properties damaged by water and flooding.

We can find the source of the problem, and eliminate the resulting mold.

Contain & remove mold. Restore your property. Target Restoration.

Disaster Restoration Experts

DSHS Licensed Professionals

DSHS Licensed ProfessionalsAll our mold removal specialist team members are card-carrying license holders from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

Target Restoration mold remediation contractors can always provide their DSHS registration information.

Professionals who care: Target Restoration.

Your Dream Cleanup Team

When recovering from a disaster, you need a team of experts that can safely remove all hazardous materials.

Quick and efficient. Protected and safe. Target Restoration mold removal company teams are fully prepared.

Abandoned and Neglected Properties
If a property has been abandoned or neglected, long-term damage may include mold testing and removal.

Long-Term Damage From Hidden Moisture
Elevated moisture levels for a long time can cause damage within walls, crawl spaces, behind cabinets, and under floorboards.

HVAC Systems and Air Equipment
Mold spores and moisture in HVAC systems can cause unsafe air quality.

HIPPA Compliant. Highest Privacy Standards

HIPPA Compliant. Highest Privacy Standards.All our mold removal and remediation specialists arrive at your property pre-screened and approved.

Our contractors are HIPPA compliant, so no matter what damage restoration you need, they can perform.

Target Restoration is ready to help you restore mold damaged documents or electronic records.

Guided Insurance Process

Many people we work with have never been through a mold removal and restoration process before. That’s why our team includes experienced members to help every client through the insurance claims process.

Mold and mildew insurance claims can involve multiple steps, and having an experienced Target Restoration consultant always helps. Let us guide you. It’s our pleasure.

Commercial Mold Removal

When a business is affected by mold, owners and managers have a lot to consider.

Target Restoration is a full service mold remediation company that offers specialized commercial repair and dehumidification services to restore building materials and environmental conditions.

Let You Conduct Business as Usual
Our goal is to let restoration services interrupt your business as little as possible.

Target Restoration offers temporary relocation and storage options during repairs.

Don’t let mold shut down your business. We’ll get things running again quickly.

Dry. Dehumidify. Deodorize

Industrial strength equipment to extract water from your property. Advanced psychometric measurements and engineering to dry and dehumidify your building.

Mold abatement begins with moisture removal. Target Restoration’s Master Water Restorers and advanced mold remediation specialists are prepared for both.

Drying Building Structures
To contain and abate mold growth, our professionals ensure removal of moldy building materials and thorough drying inside walls and other areas of high moisture.

With mold and mildew comes odor, which can linger long after the moldy material has been cleaned out.

Ozone treatments and advanced deodorization leave your property smelling as fresh as if nothing ever happened.

Content Cleaning

Target Restoration is one of the few mold remediation companies that can remove, clean, and restore your property’s contents. Whether you have damaged business inventory or priceless personal heirlooms that need attention, our certified team members can restore your property after mold or mildew damage.

We use innovative technology to dry documents, furniture, textiles, and more. We recover electronic media after water damage.

Voted among the best content cleanup and mold removal companies in central Texas: Target Restoration.

We Think of Everything

Target Restoration Professional ServicesTarget Restoration technicians perform a thorough inspection of all property needs during mold mitigation, including areas of your property that you can’t see.

Professional inspection, including:

  • Air Ducts & HVAC system
  • Carpet & Upholstery
  • Drapes & Blinds
  • Textiles
  • Flooring & Subflooring

We not only repair and restore the structure of your building, we take care of your contents as well.

Quality you can expect. Integrity you can trust.

Mold remediation is a sensitive process. Let a top team of local central Texas licensed mold remediation contractor get the job done right.

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