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While mold is a natural occurrence, it can be troublesome when found on your property. Not only does the fungus cause property damage but it can pose a significant health risk to everyone on the property, causing breathing problems and allergic reactions.

Target Restoration is available in Waco and throughout the state of Texas to provide professional mold remediation services for homes and businesses. Each of our technicians is licensed and trained to tackle mold at the source, even keeping it contained within the affected area.

Problems with MoldMold after water leak

The only requirements for mold to grow are moisture and an organic food source, such as cellulose contained within your building materials. As soon as excess moisture or water damage penetrates the porous materials, bacteria and mold will begin growing and eating away at the structure.

In addition to the damage, mold can trigger a broad range of health complications for everyone on the property. Everything from breathing complications to skin reactions, prolonged exposure can also lead to respiratory infections.

Our Mold Removal Process

Each of our professionals at Target Restoration are trained and certified to remove mold growth at its source. We ensure to use the best products and equipment to eliminate each of the spores, preventing them from returning in the future.

Our mold removal process includes the following steps:

  • Initial assessment
  • Containment of the mold to the affected area
  • Dehumidification
  • Development of mold remediation plan
  • Mold removal using professional products
  • Removal and replacement of damaged materials

Mold remediation – What to Do:

  • Call Target Restoration immediately after encountering the mold.
  • Dry off any walls containing condensation but don’t have mold.
  • Lower humidity and moisture levels on the property by opening a window (if weather conditions are permissible) or turning on the air conditioner.
  • Inspect HVAC system on the property.
  • Always wear protective gear when around the mold, including a face mask, gloves, and eye wear.

Mold Damage Cleanup – What NOT to Do:Mold-Growth-Ceiling-by-Curtains

  • Do not try to clean any mold with home remedies, including bleach or vinegar, as it could irritate it and cause it to spread further.
  • Do not paint or caulk over any moldy surfaces.
  • Do not touch any mold surfaces.
  • Do not place a fan in front of moldy surfaces.

When finding mold growth, it’s important to address it quickly because it can spread into other areas of the property, given the right conditions.

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Contact Target Restoration right away at (877) 741-9026 if you live or work in Waco or central Texas and have found mold on your property.

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