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Target Restoration Newsletter – June 2019

Target Restoration Newsletter – June 2019

We welcome you back to our new monthly e-newsletter! Our goal is to provide informative news for your business, give you a few giggles and some behind the scenes of Target Restoration and more!

Target Anniver Employee

We would like to recognize some of our longest serving employees. These five hardworking gentlemen have been with Target Restoration for the last 10-17 years. We Thank you Team Target Restoration for all that you do every day in order to serve us and our communities!

It’s Here! Preparing For Hurricane Season

Flooded Las Olas Blvd and Palm trees blowing in the winds, catastrophic hurricane Irma.How to Prepare for Texas Hurricane Season | Target… 

The arrival of nice weather is something that makes a lot of people happy. The warmth and sunshine gives people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and has the power to lift people’s moods, but there are down sides to the spring and summer…

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Female Real Estate agent offer home ownership and life insurance to young couple.

How Does Insurance Cover Commercial Water Damage? 

Businesses small or large that operate from a commercial property are at risk for water damage. The physical property features innumerable mechanisms that can malfunction. Mother nature plays her part, too, and unleashes pounding rainstorms or…

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ce imageInsurance Professionals! Looking to fill your CE credit hours? We have you covered. Register today with us for our upcoming courses at a city near you!

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