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Returning to your repaired home after a disaster can be a relief, but often, the problem doesn’t stop there. It is common for structures to have a lingering order after a disaster and come from a variety of sources, such as biological matter, mold, smoke, or other. Regardless of the source, it is necessary to call a professional to remove it.

Target Restoration offers smoke deodorization and odor removal services, eliminating odors of all types from homes and/or businesses in Waco, TX.

We have the industry’s most advanced deodorization equipment at our disposal, such as Nano carbon technology and thermal fogging, and use it to eliminate the following odors:

  • Death scene and biological odors
  • Fire and smoke odor
  • Musty odors from water and mold
  • Pet and dead animal odor

Odor Removal ServicesOdor-Removal-Services-In-Waco-and-Central-Texas

Our deodorization services include:

  • Removing the odor’s source
  • Air washing
  • Treating contaminated air
  • Treating contaminated furnishings and structural elements
  • Sealing porous surfaces
  • Thoroughly documenting the deodorization process

Types of Odors

We remove the following order within our deodorization process:

  • Fire and smoke odor: Often affects furnishings, structural elements, and air spaces
  • Water damage and mold odor: Often caused by excess water, moisture, and the resulting mold growth
  • Biological odors: Often caused by blood and other bodily fluids, dead animals, or other biological sources

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Call us at (877) 741-9026 for our smoke deodorization and odor removal services in Waco, TX.

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