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Did you know that Houston, TX has 370 developed parks and over 200 greenspaces and esplanades? That’s mind-blowing. Writing an article covering them all is impossible. For that reason, I decided to highlight the top 5 parks in Houston, Texas and what I like about them. Keep in mind that they are in no particular order.

Buffalo Bayou Park at 1800 Allen Pkwy. and Memorial Dr., River Oaks

What I like about Buffalo Bayou is the beautiful views of downtown Houston. Want to have a family picnic? No problem, the park has large areas that are perfect for that. If you are into an active lifestyle, you’ll like the fact that you can jog or ride your bike on the wide sidewalks. Pet lovers will like it, too. They can let their furry friends play at Johnny Steele Dog Park which has fenced areas for both small and large dogs.

Evelyn’s Park at 4400 Bellaire Blvd., Bellaire

If you’re looking for a small, quite park in the suburbs Evelyn’s Park might be your place (it’s nestled between homes in the Bellaire neighborhood). What makes it different from all other public parks in Houston is the Alice in Wonderland interactive sculpture. And even though it is kind of small it has plenty to offer – gravel walking paths, a paved oval path, a fun slide for kids and sand box. So, it’s no exaggeration to say that there’s something for every member of the family. Even though there’s no traditional playground for kids, there are two amazing slides, lots of logs to climb on, and a sand pit.

Levy Park at 3801 Eastside St., Upper Kirby

Great for kids and pets, that’s the best way to describe Levy Park in Upper Kirby. There’s a small dog park section and a big dog park section. For the kids there’s a small water play area, a “tree house”, and a good-sized green space for kids to run around in. The playground has a rock-climbing wall with a big slide on the other side. And las but not least, Levy Park is open 24 hours!

Emancipation Park at 3018 Emancipation Ave., Third Ward

I think one Google user summarized it perfectly when she wrote the following about this outdoor space in the middle of busy Houston: “Awesome place to take the kids to play, swim, or watch a show. Free gym to work out in with excellent facilities. What a blessing to the community!” And there’s a café on site, so the park feels like an oasis in downtown Houston.

Buffalo Bend Nature Park at 2300 S Sgt Macario Garcia Dr

What you’ll find interesting about Buffalo Bend Nature Park is that this park was built on a former dump site, but you won’t tell by the looks of it. There’s a series of small pond with crystal clear water, and a gravel walking trail. Don’t be surprised if you see turtles, rabbits, animals, fisher and frogs, which kids find fascinating. One thing I don’t like about it is the lack of on-site bathrooms of portable ones.

As you can tell, Houston has a lot of parks with amenities to fit everyone’s needs. Above I highlighted the best five in my opinion, but you might as well be able to find others that you like better. If that’s the case – let us know in the comments.

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