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Fire Restoration in Pasadena, TXThe instantaneous damage that fires can cause makes them terrifying. Fires consume building materials and seriously damage personal belongings within the property.

Soot, smoke, and other corrosive byproducts cause further damage that worsens with time.

As such, you need to call a professional restoration service promptly once the fire department has put the fire out.

Experienced Technicians for Fire Damage Repair

Fire-damaged homes and businesses in Pasadena, TX can get help with restoration and rebuilding from Target Restoration through our fire and smoke damage restoration services.

Our team comes to your property right away to conduct an evaluation of the damage. Then we come up with a restoration plan involving deodorization, restoration of damaged materials, and soot cleanup.

We can even repair serious structural damage with construction services, which we can provide as a licensed restoration contractor.

Emergency Fire Damage Response – Pasadena

Because corrosive byproducts will make damage even worse after a fire is out, it is important to act quickly. Smoke and soot can actually cause more damage than a fire’s flames do, because they travel to new places within the property and cause damage.

With damage to a home or building’s structure or exterior, there’s a greater chance that the property will collapse. Knowing this, our team is quick to come to your property to immediately stabilize it. We also get started with the pre-cleaning process, allowing us to prevent corrosive byproducts from causing permanent damage.

Target Restoration‘s IICRC-certified technicians are licensed to provide homes and businesses with fire damage restoration. Our staff consists of Master Fire Restorers — earning such a title because of their 7 or more years of IICRC training — and licensed general contractors, who are available for construction services when it’s necessary.

Fire Damage Repair Process

Fire Damage Restoration in Pasadena TXWith expansive, deep, multi-layered damage, your property becomes an overwhelming mess after a fire strikes.

Our professionals will prevent your home or business from undergoing further damage by securing it. We will also evaluate damaged items and start the cleanup process.

Additionally, we determine what materials that have been damaged can be saved. Anything we can save will be restored through the use of advanced techniques. Anything that cannot be saved will be removed from your property.

The following are included with our fire damage restoration services:

  • Content Cleaning and Restoration: All kinds of items can be severely damaged by fire, smoke, and soot. We will figure out what we can save and restore your damaged items.
  • Soot Removal: Soot and smoke are two byproducts of fires that will cause damage even after the fire has been put out. Soot is damaging for your health, because it pollutes the air. Furthermore, soot causes items to experience etching and tarnishing. With our service, our professionals remove the soot from porous materials by using thermal fogging and from non-porous materials using a chem sponge.
  • Smoke Odor Removal: Because of how smoke odor is absorbed by building materials and other items within a property, it is difficult to get rid of. We can extract the smell using ozone treatments and thermal fogging.
  • Reconstruction: Properties often experience serious damage to their structures following a fire. We can provide construction services on your property to restore it as a licensed general contractor. The entire process will be covered by us, doing what we need to do to restore your property. Furthermore, only materials consistent with your home or building’s design will be used during reconstruction.

Serving Pasadena, TX, and other central Texas towns, Target Restoration has been one of the most reliable companies for fire damage restoration services for more than two decades.

Considering our 100-plus years of combined experience, we can be trusted to provide you with quality fire damage restoration.

Available 24/7

Target Restoration can be reached 24/7 at (877) 741-9026 for our emergency fire damage restoration services in Pasadena, TX.

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