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Mold-Remediation-Pasadena-TXBecause of all the problems it can lead to, mold is difficult to deal with when it’s inside your property.

Not only does mold lead to property damage, but it also leads to health problems that will get worse the longer one is exposed to the fungus.

The threat that mold presents is constant, because its spores can be released at any time. These spores are transported through the air and spread to different areas of your home or building.

Regardless of how little or much mold is encountered on your property, immediate work needs to be done to remove it and stop it from spreading.

Professional Remediation Services in Pasadena, TX

Target Restoration provides mold remediation services to help eliminate mold from residential and commercial properties in Pasadena, TX.

We are permitted to provide mold removal services thanks to our licensing from the State of Texas. Using advanced techniques, we can eliminate all cases of mold and clean and restore the areas damaged by mold.

Trusted Technicians

Only licensed professionals who have undergone the proper training and are correctly equipped should tend to cases of mold. Target Restoration‘s professionals have all been licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. This means we can legally conduct mold removal services and we are able to show proof of such licensing whenever needed.

With our HIPAA compliance, we will provide complete confidentiality when it comes to sensitive information.

A lot of times, mold growth causes so much damage that you need to have the restoration covered by your insurance company. If you decide to file a claim for these repairs, our team can provide help with the claims process to make sure our work is covered.

Residential and Commercial Mold Removal – Pasadena

Mold Damage Cleanup Pasadena TXNo matter the size of the mold problem, you should always react to have it removed.

The mold you see might only be a minor part of a bigger problem, because mold often grows in hidden areas.

Mold spores use cellulose from building materials as food, which is how it causes so much damage and leads to their eventual destruction.

When mold isn’t eradicated, the health concerns it presents increase. Among the problems it can cause health-wise are serious infections, skin irritation, headaches, nasal congestion, and coughing.

Our mold removal services include the following steps:

  • Water extraction and restoration: Because mold thrives in moist, humid areas, mold is often a result of water damage. That said, any water damage needs to be tended to before mold removal happens. Our Master Water Restorers will work to identify and fix the water source before proceeding with drying and dehumidification.
  • Removal of damaged materials: With enough time, mold causes permanent damage to affected materials. If upon inspection we find surfaces that have irreversible damage, we will remove them.
  • Deodorization: When properties have mold growth, the unappealing, musty smell it gives off will linger throughout the space. We can remove the odor using deodorization treatments, such as ozone and thermal fogging.
  • Content cleaning: Aside from damaging building materials, mold is also known to affect personal content. Any belongings that are affected by mold can be restored by us through the use of advanced cleaning techniques.
  • Structural repairs: Wood and drywall affected by mold can cause damage to the structure if the issue doesn’t get addressed soon enough. If this is a problem for your property, we will use our construction services to repair the structural damage.

Call professionals promptly if your property has mold. With the necessary equipment, certification, and training, our professionals will effectively provide mold removal services and repair the damage.

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Call (877) 741-9026 to reach Target Restoration for mold remediation in the Pasadena, TX area.

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