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Preparing For Hurricane Season In Texas

Preparing for Hurricane Season in Texas

The arrival of nice weather is something that makes a lot of people happy. The warmth and sunshine gives people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and has the power to lift people’s moods, but there are down sides to the spring and summer seasons. In Texas, one of those down sides is hurricanes.

Hurricane season begins on June 1 and lasts until November 30. As such, it’s important to know that when spring hits, you need to prepare for hurricane season and the damage that you and your property may face. Even if you don’t reside on Texas’s coast, inland communities can still be threatened by these storms and suffer hurricane damage. Hurricane preparedness can be a key difference in protecting your home or business and ensuring your and your family’s well-being.

What are the Dangers Hurricanes Present?Storm-Damage-Restoration-Texas

Hurricanes are a type of severe storm that features intensely high-speed winds. Hurricanes, at a minimum, have 74 mile-per-hour winds, but their winds can reach speeds as high as 200 miles-per-hour. With such severe winds, there is a high risk for your property to suffer extensive damage.

Aside from the wind, there’s also the excessive rain and flooding involved with hurricanes. In fact, per the National Hurricane Center, water is the most damaging component of hurricanes. With excessive rain, the likelihood of flooding is very likely and will result in serious water damage to your home or business. This standing water also raises the risk of mold growth, which can further jeopardize your property’s structure. Additionally, hurricanes may can include tornadoes that will make the wind more intense.

How Can I Prepare Myself and Others for a Hurricane?

1. Develop an Evacuation Plan

If you’re in an area that’s at risk of being harmed by an impending hurricane, then chances are you need to evacuate the area. Create an evacuation plan ahead of time so that you and your family are ready and know what to do in an emergency. If you are a business owner, you should develop an evacuation plan for you and your staff.

Some of the things you’ll want covered in the plan include meeting places, evacuation routes, and contact information. It’s important to have numerous alternatives in case the hurricane affects certain meeting places and evacuation routes. Because it might be difficult to get in touch with others in the affected area, it’s also smart to identify an out-of-town emergency contact.

When the evacuation plan has been created, take the time to go over it to ensure that everyone understands the plan and knows what to do.

2. Create an Emergency Kit and Store Emergency Supplies

One of the things you will need if you are forced to evacuate because of a hurricane is an emergency kit stocked with important supplies. One of the greatest perks of having an emergency kit already prepared is the time it saves you. When you need to evacuate, you can do so immediately instead of spending time that you may not have gathering necessities for yourself and your family.

Among the items you should include in your emergency kit are:

  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable food
  • First aid kit
  • Medications
  • Flashlights
  • Spare batteries
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Copies of important documents

If you have any pets, make sure you include supplies for them as well, such as food.

How Can I Prepare My Home or Business for a Hurricane?

1. Check Your Insurance CoverageHomeowners-Insurance-Policy-Document

Before a hurricane hits, check your insurance coverage to see what kind of damage will be covered. Standard home and renter’s insurance policies don’t cover flooding, so you’ll want to check your policy. If your current coverage doesn’t currently include flooding, then you should upgrade your insurance. This is something even Texans who don’t live on the coast should do as well because they can still suffer some flood damage from excessive rain or a hurricane. Furthermore, you may want to seek additional coverage for damage from wind.

2. Protect Your Property

Because of the high winds of hurricanes, it’s helpful to install storm shutters for your property’s windows. You can also opt to board up any doors or windows with plywood to serve as protection against the hurricane. This will help prevent breakage of your windows. Make sure you board up glass doors as well.

3. Limit Outside Threats

Your home’s exterior and yard may feature various items that can cause wind damage to your property. With severe winds, hurricanes may blow patio furniture, plants, garbage cans, and other items at your home, causing exterior damage including broken windows. Knowing this, bring any outside items inside before a storm to prevent them from harming your property.

If you have any trees in your yard, tend to those as well. You want to properly trim the branches so that they’re not too long and at risk of breaking off and harming your property.

4. Get Storm Damage Restoration Help


When you return to your property following a hurricane, it can be overwhelming, especially if your home or business has sustained a substantial amount of damage. As mentioned above, water from a hurricane is what causes the most harm, so you’ll want to seek out help for water damage.

Target Restoration provides the state of Texas with effective water damage restoration services to help out homes and businesses that have suffered damage by water or flooding in the aftermath of a hurricane. Our well-qualified professional technicians are equipped and trained to extract standing water, dry out your property, repair structural damage, and address any mold growth. It’s especially important to have professionals address this damage because the water might be contaminated, making it dangerous to your health as well as your property.

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At any time your home or business is affected by hurricane damage, don’t hesitate to contact Target Restoration at (877) 741-9026. We are available 24/7.

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