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Texas-Sized Storms Can Mean Big Damage to Your Home or Commercial Property


Rain, hail, and heavy wind impact a building from top to bottom. Don’t let an emergency go without recovery.

Target Restoration: emergency restoration expert team ready and equipped to handle your roofing repair needs.

We are certified and trained. Sensitive to business needs.

Helping you put your life back together after a disaster.

24-Hour Emergency Response, Texas-Wide Immediate Roofing Services

Some damage is immediately obvious. During an emergency, you may need to call a roofing expert to evaluate damage and begin fast repair.

Target Restoration offers 24 hour emergency response service.

No matter the reason for the damage, call us any time if your roof is damaged. One of our friendly emergency response team members can be at your door within 60 minutes throughout Texas.

Home and Commercial Roofing Repairs

Sometimes, damage to your roof can remain hidden for weeks. Your property’s roof often takes a beating from the weather without you knowing it. But, the next time a heavy rain or storm hits, you find out about the roof damage quickly.

No matter what caused your roof damage, or the scale of the problem, call Target Restoration when you’re aware of the problem. We’ll help you get everything back on track.

Temporary Repair vs Long-Term Plan

Target Restoration maintains a team of emergency response professionals who know what it takes to get your property secure after disaster strikes. We can evaluate the situation and immediately take action to put you back online.

We can tarp, patch, and cover – to get things started. Our home and commercial roofing contractors will work with you to design the quickest, most efficient solution for repairing your roof damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, a full roof replacement might be the solution. Don’t worry – we can handle that too.

Target Restoration: We repair your property, we restore your life.

Finding Hidden Damage

Roof damage can often have disastrous effects on your home or business. Water or debris that enters your property can cause problems with the foundation, walls, pipes, and other building structures.

Our Target Restoration team professionals conduct a thorough evaluation and make plan for rebuilding your property, including inspecting places that may not be visible right away.

Our professionals look for hidden damages caused by roof leaks. Then, before they become secondary and additional problems, we fix them.

Debris Removal

During an emergency, things get messy.

Top Texas professional home and commercial property restoration services. Target Restoration performs full structure cleaning. We remove debris that is causing damage to the roof, or debris caused by your damaged roof.

We guide you through cleanup and restoration. Let Target Restoration roof repair team do all the heavy lifting.

Trained emergency intervention professionals perform every home and business restoration to top safety standards, using industry advanced techniques. Our top priorities are safety and customer satisfaction.

Target Restoration handles all your commercial roof repair and replacement needs, so you can handle your business as usual.

Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

Home Roof Replacement

Home-Commercial-Roof-Damage-Repair-Debris-RemovalAfter a fire, flood, hail, or other event causes damage to your roof – damage that is so bad you need the roof replaced – Target Restoration offers top emergency recovery options. As one of the top commercial roofing companies in central Texas, we provide full home tile or shingle roof replacement.

If your roof has been damaged by an emergency so badly that it needs to be replaced, Target Restoration has the best training and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right.

Target Restoration: Restoring your property, rebuilding your life.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Home-Commercial-Roof-Damage-ReplacementIf your business needs the roof replaced as part of damage repair, we offer an extensive selection of roofing services.

Using the most advanced equipment and the best materials, we can design a roof for your business that will meet your property’s needs. Everything from historical buildings with specific design requirements, to environmentally friendly and “green” buildings.

We customize our approach and find the right roof replacement solution for unique buildings with one-of-a-kind designs. We can create the right roofing plan for any commercial roof replacement – from pitched roofs to commercial flat roof replacement.

Target Restoration: a commercial roofing company that believes in excellent approaches in everything we do. We are dedicated to quality.

Target Restoration’s award winning service has given us the reputation as a leading Texas commercial roofing company. We are proud to serve Texas homeowners and business owners that need property restoration, including full roof replacements.

Don’t let roof damage slow you down.

Target Restoration handles all roofing repair needs after emergency damages to your roof.

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