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In the event of heavy storms, the roofing on homes and buildings will take a big hit. While the interior structure and contents inside may have been protected, the shingles or roofing materials may not be strong enough to brave the next storm.


In the event of a large hail or rainstorm, Target Restoration is available 24/7 in Waco and central Texas to provide professional roof repair services to keep your home or building dry. Our professionals are each licensed and trained to provide quality services while keeping costs efficient for your peace of mind.

Damage Caused to Roofs

Homes and buildings can experience roof leaks due to a variety of reasons. Common sources include: heavy rain, large pieces of hail, and weakened roofing materials. Combinations of two or more of these problems can result in additional damage to the property’s building materials and contents.

Keep in mind that when finding a leak, the problem area may not be located at the same spot water is coming in. For example, the water may penetrate the top of the roof, run through the inside, and then penetrate through the attic or ceiling. This is why having a professional to repair the leak is important.

Professional Roof Repair in Waco

When it comes to roofing services, Target Restoration can handle everything from repairs to full replacement. Our contractors work with the industry’s top manufacturer’s in order to provide the best protection for your roof. We also ensure to arrive within 1 hour of your first call to limit the damage and restore the building materials right away.

Our roof repair services include all of the following:

  • Hail and Storm Damage Repair: Strong storms are among the most common causes of roof damage. Mix in wind, hail, snow, and ice and you have a huge problem. Everything from water leaks to mold problems, Target Restoration will repair the leak, mitigate the water damage, and remove any mold growth in the affected areas.
  • Shingle Repair and Replacement: Shingles are among the most common roofing materials to become damaged during a storm or by animals. Our technicians will inspect all areas of your roof, develop the best plan for repair or recommend full replacement, and provide the restoration service as needed.
  • Warranty Repair Work: If your roof is still covered under warranty, we will work with the manufacturer to ensure that your roof is restored to its condition.

Debris RemovalHome-Commercial-Roof-Damage-Repair-Debris-Removal

Many storms can blow debris not only into your yard but onto your roof. This will add extra weight and potentially tear off shingles from strong winds. Debris on the roof, including branches, leaves, sticks, rocks, dirt, and even snow are often the result of trees with long branches hanging over the roof.

When working with Target Restoration, we will not only remove the debris on the roof but prevent the risk of future debris damage. Whether its replacing the roof or removing fallen trees, you can count on our trained and certified professionals to restore the property to its original condition.

Emergency Services

Roof damage of any kind can lead to a number of problems down the road. This is why it’s important to call for roof repair services immediately to prevent the damage from spreading. When calling Target Restoration, we will respond immediately, arriving on-site within 1 hour and starting the repair process.

Free Estimate

For emergency roof repair services in Waco and central Texas, contact Target Restoration at (877) 741-9026.

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