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Fire Damage Restoration in Round Rock, TXFires can quickly turn into a worst-case scenario for residential and commercial property owners.

The flames themselves can quickly burn through valuable assets and destroy buildings themselves.

Even when the fire is out, corrosive smoke and soot can linger to cause additional damage.

At Target Restoration, we offer fire damage restoration services in Round Rock, TX that address all aspects of recovery in these situations. From initial inspections through reconstruction services, we have you covered.

Timing is Critical

As soon as a fire on your property has been successfully combated, you should contact our representatives to begin recovery efforts.

While many assume that the bulk of the damage has been sustained by the time the fire is out, they fail to take into account the additional damage that can be caused by byproducts of the flames (this includes corrosive smoke and soot, as well as water used to put out the fire).

These secondary elements can travel to seemingly unaffected areas of your property to cause additional damage after the fire.

Collapse is another significant concern that property owners need to take into account. Fires are known to burn structural components of buildings and the results can be truly devastating if immediate action is not taken. Our Target Restoration technicians provide site-stabilization and pre-cleaning services to prevent permanent damage from taking place.

Comprehensive Services You Can Trust

Responding to fire, smoke, and soot damage is not easy. Only highly-trained professionals utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and procedures can ensure an optimal result.

This is exactly what we provide at Target Restoration. Our specialists are IICRC certified to provide fire damage restoration services in homes and commercial buildings.

We also employ a number of “Master Fire Restorers” with 7+ years of dedicated training in this field. If reconstruction is necessary, we can cover this as a licensed general contractor.

If there is one thing you can expect from our services, it is greater peace of mind. We address all aspects of fire damage recovery and give your valuable belongings the greatest odds possible of being fully salvaged and restored. Some other things that you can expect when working with us include:

  • Site-stabilization services
  • Content cleaning and restoration (we regularly restore clothing, electronics, furniture, artwork, documents, and other important items)
  • Decontamination and soot removal services
  • The elimination of odors caused by smoke (we utilize ozone treatments, thermal fogging, and other state-of-the-art techniques)
  • Complete reconstruction services (we take into account specific building materials and designs when restoring properties, especially historic homes)

We are proud to assist residents of Round Rock, TX, through these difficult times in an efficient, effective, and professional manner.

Contact Us

Target Restoration is available 24/7 at (877) 741-9026 in Round Rock, TX to provide emergency fire restoration services in Round Rock, TX.

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