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Complete Fire and Water Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, fast action is crucial.

Throughout the state of Texas, immediate property restoration for fire and water emergencies.

Storm damage. Industrial emergencies. Fire. Flood. Toxic Contamination

For every urgent situation, immediate response and recovery.

A team of specialists guiding you through the restoration process.

24/7 Emergency Response


Water, Fire, Flood, or Trauma CleanupEmergency-Response-Waco-TX

Immediate action to restore your property after an emergency or disaster.

Property restoration services available around the clock. 24/7.

We are there for you, no matter what time.

Quality you can expect. Integrity you can trust:
Target Restoration.

Emergency Response in Less Than an Hour

Located centrally in Texas, with a network that spreads nationally. Have one of our certified disaster mitigation specialists at your door immediately.

Emergency response throughout central Texas in as little as 30 minutes.

Emergency response throughout the state of Texas in as little as 60 minutes.

Restore Your Business. Restore Your Home. Restore Your Life.

Commercial Water Damage and Property Restoration Experts Restore-Your-Business-Waco-TX

Unparalleled emergency recovery. Trained professionals sensitive to business needs. Safety as top priority. Getting your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

Target Restoration: Full service for commercial disaster recovery. Fire. Flood. Storms. Emergencies are temporary.

HIPAA-Compliant and Confidential. Licensed and Insured.

A team of Texas property restoration and emergency mitigation specialists: Target Restoration.

IICRC Certifications

Recognized as the top property restoration training and certification in the US, the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) provides ongoing training for cleaning and restoration professionals.

Target Restoration utilizes a network of IICRC certified Master restorers, including:

  • Master Water Restorers (MWR)
  • Master Textile Cleaners (MTC)
  • Master Fire and Smoke Restorers (MFSR)

Certified specialists receive years of training and education in technology, safety, and techniques for excellent service.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience. Target Restoration: top in Texas fire and water damage restoration companies.

Neglected and Abandoned Property Restoration Neglected-Abandoned-Property-Restoration-Waco-TX

Sometimes, properties are left abandoned full of contents. After a disaster, a home or business property may be left neglected for a long period of time.

Foreclosures. Abandoned Storage. Death. Compulsive Hoarding. Natural Catastrophe. Neglected properties require restoration by professionals in hazard controls and full property recovery.

  • Trauma scene cleanup.
  • Water and mold damaged content removal.
  • Structural rebuilding, interior and exterior repairs.
  • Hoarding and extreme clean out.

We handle extreme cleaning and restoration after any disaster.

Top water and fire restoration companies in Texas. Award winning. Unbeatable emergency and disaster recovery services.

Target Restoration.

HIPAA-Compliant Crews. Policies to Protect Confidentiality. Insurance-Information-Form-Waco-TX

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

Commercial property restoration involves a number of sensitive legal and confidentiality issues. We’re professionals. We’ve planned ahead.

All Target Restoration crews are HIPAA-compliant. We have confidentiality documents and practices in place to ensure compliance with your industry laws and insurance requirements.

When we arrive, we can provide you documentation and credentials. No need to wait. Every moment is precious during your emergency mitigation.

Extensive Documentation and Reporting

We are prepared to assist with your insurance claim. Our recovery documentation practices are designed for the exacting requirements of commercial insurance companies.

Our team of commercial property restoration experts includes an insurance specialist to assist with your insurance documents.

Residential Emergency Restoration and Disaster RecoveryResidential-Disaster-Recovery-Waco-TX

Homes sustain fire, flooding, water, and disaster damage from a variety of sources. The first
48 hours after a disaster are crucial. The sooner you repair damages, the more complete your home’s repair will be.

Repair your home. Restore your life.

Take fast action to mitigate damages after an emergency. Professional property restoration services can mitigate secondary damages.

Make your home safe, secure, and inhabitable.

After water damage or flooding, structural drying and dehumidification needs to be performed professionally to ensure thorough recovery.
After a fire, certified inspectors should declare the home free of fire related contaminants.
After hazardous contamination, properties should be professionally restored.

Our certified cleanup and restoration crews are sensitive to every homeowner’s concerns. We repair all damaged areas of a home – from roof to foundation. Disaster response professionals to manage full property recovery.

Safety and Integrity. Thorough Repair. Outstanding Service.

Water Damage Restoration

Flooding? Storm Damage? We Restore It All Water-Damage-Restoration-Waco-TX

Flood and water damage is devastating. Water begins to cause damage the moment it touches
your property. Carpet and sheetrock become saturated. Condensation builds. Standing water contaminates the building.

Homes and businesses need immediate action to contain initial damage and stop secondary
damages. The best property restoration companies have a team of professionals that can handle anything.

From historic homes to modern constructions. From roofs to foundations and every wall between them.

Target Restoration performs immediate water damage restoration services:

  • Water extraction and removal.
  • Psychometrically analyzed structural drying.
  • Dehumidification and deodorization.
  • Property rebuilding and restoration.
  • Mold abatement and restoration.

Fast, efficient, thorough water damage mitigation: Target Restoration

Target Restoration is the Texas property restoration dream team for any water damage.

Interior and Exterior Water Damage

Water damages all areas of your home. Flooding inside or outside harms foundation and wall structures. Water exposure and moisture inside devastates building materials and property contents.

Target Restoration professional property restoration services for homes and commercial properties include full recovery from all water damages.

Customized water damage restoration solutions for every unique situation.

Target Restoration: Full structural drying. Emergency water extraction. Storm damage. Sewage backup.

Any indoor or outdoor water damage.

Content Removal. Document Drying. Media Recovery.

Commercial properties can’t be slowed down by water or flooding.

Properties need to be properly dried using industrial water extraction, high capacity air blowers, or desiccant drying.

Contents may need to be removed to create airflow. On-site and off-site content restoration services. Pack and transport in climate-controlled facilities for best content restoration.

Mobile document drying units for Sensitive business document drying. HIPAA compliant document drying specialists.

Electronics recovery for commercial electronics equipment. Mobile climate control for media and data devices.

Target Restoration professionals have the top document restoration equipment and skills.

Not every item can be restored, but if it can, Target Restoration will.

Hazardous Flood Water & Sewage Removal Hazardous-Flood-Sewage-Removal-Waco-TX

Flood and sewer water contaminates your property with hazardous materials.

Without proper personal protective safety gear and equipment, unsanitary conditions are dangerous to clean. Hazardous waste requires responsible disposal.

Target Restoration experienced Master Water Restorers handle the most extreme water cleanups.

Mold Abatement and Remediation

Improperly treated water damage and humid air can hold excess moisture, providing perfect conditions for mold growth.

Increase chances of full property recovery with immediate remediation services from properly licensed Texas mold restoration experts.

We restore your damaged commercial property, so you can get back to business.

All in a day’s work: Target Restoration.

Mold RemediationMold-Remediation-Waco-TX

Mold begins to grow in a matter of hours in the right conditions. It loves dark, damp places on properties. It loves to settle in somewhere warm and wreak havoc on the wood, paper, or textiles throughout your home or business.

Mold costs thousands of dollars in lost Texas business inventory every year. From improper storage to long-term leaks onto products, mold causes trouble for businesses.

In homes, mold can cause serious risks for the health of anyone living there – people and animals included. Mold makes the environment less safe in the home, and creates structural problems in a building. You never want mold in your house.

Target Restoration removes mold and mold-damaged materials. It is a dangerous biohazard cleanup that should only be performed by professionals. Our mold cleanup experts have years of experience, and access to the best equipment and products for mold remediation.

We are focused on safety. We want to help protect your home, and your family’s future.Mold-Removal-Waco-TX

Mold remediation can reinvigorate your property
and add years to a building’s life. Make your
property look better, perform better, and
smell better with a full mold removal and cleanup.

After all mold has been removed from the property, Target Restoration professionals will treat your property and contents with antimicrobial products,
to prevent future mold growth and protect your surroundings.

After water damage or long-term humidity, mold can become a serious problem. Neglected and abandoned buildings often develop mold from trapped moisture. Target Restoration handles the most extreme mold cleanups.

No matter what kind of situation contributed to the mold, we are qualified and prepared to fix it.

Fire Restoration

When disaster strikes, everything can change in a flash.

Extreme Fire Damage Cleanup Fire-Restoration-Waco-TX

For trusted fire and smoke restoration, Target Restoration is experienced with the simplest situations and the most extreme cleanups.

We repair and restore modern and historic homes. We remove damaged contents and restore documents. We recover media and electronics. We specialize in soot cleanup.

Target Restoration’s team members are certified for fire restoration from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

If your fire damage includes chemicals or melted plastics, you may have a hazardous situation on your hands.

Don’t get anything on your hands!

Call experienced professionals for the safest hazardous cleanup.

Many regular household and business items can become dangerous to touch or be around without proper equipment and safety training.

Target Restoration handles every fire cleanup with professionalism and extended training. We pay the closest attention to safety and have procedures in place for every kind of disaster recovery.

Don’t do something dangerous: call Target Restoration instead.

Restoring Smoke and Soot DamageFire-Extinguisher-Waco-TX

Soot can be incredibly dangerous and devastating to property. It can also be very difficult to remove. With specialized equipment and products, the experts at Target Restoration can restore your property from soot and smoke damage. We remove the tarnish and restore the treasure underneath.

Target Restoration fire mitigation experts have a plan
for how to handle all soot and smoke repairs and restoration
challenges. We are ready to recover all interior contents –
from furniture to medical equipment to personal items.

We are prepared to help you get your life back.

Fire and Smoke Damage Prevention

Target Restoration fire mediation experts also want to help you decrease your fire risks and hazards. Chimneys. Kitchens. Gutters. Storage. Radiators. Heaters. Electrical wiring.

Whether your property is new or old, find out how to make it safer from fire dangers. Decrease smoke hazards. Improve fire prevention.

Disaster Recovery


Commercial Property DisastersEmergency-Power-Climate-Control-Waco-TX

When a business sustains damage, there’s no time to lose.

Prepared, equipped, and standing by. HIPAA Compliant. Insured and confidential.

We’ve restored properties in all industries:

• Medical facilities
• Legal and government buildings
• Schools and Universities
• Manufacturing and Restaurants

Emergency Board Ups and Securing the Building

Catastrophes leave properties exposed. Damaged walls and roofs let in moisture, animals, insects, and debris.

Professional board up services for residential and commercial properties. Temporary solutions before permanent restoration.

Emergency Roof Tarping Emergency-Power-Control-Waco-TX

Storm winds damage roofs with holes that let in
rain, debris, and insects.

Abate secondary damages.

During or after disasters, roof tarping secures properties against debris and moisture.

Catastrophes and disasters affect more than individual properties.

They affect entire communities. Immediate disaster recovery puts the pieces of a community back in place.

  • Superstorms and Hurricanes.
  • Floods and Tornadoes.
  • Wildfires and Industrial Accidents.
  • Toxic Contamination.

Top Texas disaster recovery experts: Target Restoration.

We contain. We repair. We restore.

24-hour response to emergencies. Around-the-clock catastrophe relief.

Emergency Power and Climate Control

Target Restoration provides mobile, trailer-loaded power generators to meet industrial power needs. Our mobile climate-control units maintain sensitive environments.

Long Term Disaster Recovery

Target Restoration: award winning Texas property restoration and risk mitigation company.

We provide full commercial recovery and rebuilding including:

  • Repairing structural damage
  • Restoring or replacing roofs
  • Recovering and cleaning interiors
  • Rebuilding property to safety specifications

Professional crew guiding you through the commercial insurance claim. Documentation along every step of the process.

Target Restoration: top Texas disaster recovery specialists.

24-Hour Emergency Recovery

Flood. Fire. Chemical contamination. Water infiltration. Hazardous waste. Storm, wind, and hail damage.

Recover your property. Emergency restoration services 24 hours per day.


Emergency Restoration

Prevent an emergency from becoming a disaster with immediate intervention.

For residential and commercial emergency restoration throughout Texas and neighboring states.

Immediate Commercial Emergency Recovery

Around the clock, HIPAA-compliant and licensed professionals provide the top commercial
restoration services in Texas.

Quality you can expect. Integrity you can trust: Target Restoration.

Emergency Decontamination

Biohazard contamination requires thorough trauma cleanup for safe restoration.

Target Restoration safely removes and decontaminates all environmental hazards.

Emergency Board Up

Damages leave properties exposed to the elements. Boarding up services prevent additional damages.

Target Restoration: professional emergency board up and temporary repairs.

We secure properties after disasters.

Emergency Roof Tarping

Damaged roofs leave buildings exposed to debris, wildlife, and the elements.

Storm Damage. Fire and Smoke. Winds. Rain. Hail. Lightning.

Target Restoration secures your roof with industrial and professional roof tarping, until permanent repairs or replacement occur.

Emergency Power and Climate Control

Target Restoration provides mobile, trailer-loaded power generators to meet industrial power needs. Our mobile climate-control units maintain sensitive environments.

Water Mitigation and Extraction

Water damages worsen with time. Fully remove water before drying and dehumidification for full restoration. Emergency water extraction and drying minimizes property damage.

Emergency Power Generation

Texas businesses cannot afford to lose power during emergencies. Loss of power can mean losing business, productivity, product, and customers.

Emergency commercial power services minimize loss and maintain operations during and after emergencies.

Target Restoration: top service and resources for emergency restoration companies.

Serving Texas Businesses House-Restoration-Waco-TX

Target Restoration provides mobile generators and emergency power restoration for Texas businesses in many industries.

  • Technology and Telecommunications
  • Medical and Resident Facilities
  • Government Institutions
  • Manufacturing Factories
  • Restaurants and Food Distribution Centers

Target Restoration: Emergency power services for businesses that can’t afford to lose power in a disaster.

Emergency Portable Climate Control

Many industrial facilities need to maintain sensitive environmental conditions, even during emergencies.

Experienced dehumidification and climate control experts mitigate damages to sensitive climates during emergencies.

arget Restoration provides portable climate control and dehumidification. Helping to keep your business running through the worst disasters: Target Restoration.

Roofing Repair and Replacement

For All Types of Damage Roofing-Repair-Replacement-Waco-TX

When your property has been damaged by fire, hail, or storm damage, your roof may have been damaged as well. Target Restoration performs a full inspection to assess your property’s damage, then we perform full water and fire damage restoration to your roof. Even that means replacing it.

From “Temporary Fix” to “Long Term Solution”

Target Restoration’s certified team members can tarp and restore your roof temporarily while drafting out a long-term plan. Our technician will consult with you about the best solutions to meet your home or business’ needs.

Flat roofs, shingle roofs, tile roofs, and more.

Target Restoration manages your roof repair from the moment the disaster happens until the day your property is completely restored.

Historic and Modern Roofs

With decades of combined experience on our team, Target Restoration is one of the most reputable companies in central Texas. Our technicians are certified in the safest practices, and we handle your property like we would our own.

We specialize in architecturally unique and highly designed property restoration. For any historic home or commercial building that needs unique design style elements maintained during roof repair or replacement, call Target Restoration.

Target Restoration repairs and restores roofs from properties of any era.

We have assembled a superb team of property damage restoration professionals at Target Restoration. That is why we pride ourselves on being able to match rare materials and the finest design details. To maintain your home’s integrity. To keep your property’s restoration thorough and accurate. Trust the professionals at Target Restoration.

Content Cleaning and Restoration

Fire and water damage belongings within minutes.

Furniture and textiles soak up contaminants and odors. Staining and long-term warping happen quickly. Mold begins to grow on wet surfaces within hours.

Immediate, professional content restoration recovers valuable items. The sooner drying, cleaning, and restoration begin, the sooner your property is fully restored.

Not everything can be recovered, but when we can, we will.

Content RemovalContent-Cleaning-Restoration-Waco-TX

Some contents may need to be removed from a property for restoration to take place.

Target Restoration inspectors direct removal of
water and fire damaged property. Our professionals
pack and store your property with care and sensitivity
in our climate controlled facility.

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Specialty content recovery services remove extensive mold or hazard contamination. Many waterlogged items can be returned to a safe, useable condition.

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Fire damaged contents require the use of chem sponges and thermal fogging deodorization.

Smoke and fire damage restoration can take additional time, but the right process produces the best results.

We believe in cleaning up after catastrophes with care and courtesy.

We clean. We restore. We recover treasures.

Mobile Recovery Units

Target Restoration’s mobile content cleaning and restoration facilities are equipped to clean common home and business contents.

Industrial cleaners and equipment. Teams led by Master Textile Cleaners.

We can perform many fire and water restoration services on-site. For all your content cleaning and restoration needs call Target Restoration – we are serving all of Central Texas.

Document Drying and RestorationSpecialty-Document-Repair-Waco-TX

Commercial Electronics and Document Restoration

Water damages papers instantly. Within hours, mold begins to grow. Restore and save business records, patient and client files, and electronic data with fast action.

Professional, long-term water damage restoration includes full document drying and media recovery.

Top specialists in Texas: Target Restoration.

HIPAA Compliant Document Drying Specialists

We are prepared to mitigate damage after your emergency. We are sensitive to confidentiality compliance and legal guidelines across many industries.

We arrive at your disaster pre-screened and licensed, insured and certified.

For businesses that cannot allow documents to leave their property, our mobile drying units dry and restore all documents on-site.

Getting your business back to business is our business: Target Restoration.

Commercial Document Recovery

We have performed advanced document drying procedures on texts from many industries, including:

  • Medical and hospital records
  • Historical and museum archives
  • Legal and government facilities
  • Libraries and public record offices

Emergency Document Restoration MethodsSpecialty-Document-Restoration-Waco-TX

Target Restoration utilizes state-of-the-art
document restoration technologies including:

  • Freeze drying
  • Ultrasonic separation
  • Gamma ray irradiation
  • Deodorization

Our mobile and off-site centers cater to your emergency situation.

Specialty Document Restoration

Art, archives, books, and water damaged documents may need to be sent off-site for thorough treatment at a specialty facility.

We safely pack and store property for transport in our climate-controlled facilities.

Document restoration professionals with equipment and training. Restoring your business. Getting you back to work faster.

Mobile Recovery Units

Target Restoration’s mobile content cleaning and restoration facilities are equipped to clean common home and business contents.

Industrial cleaners and equipment. Teams led by Master Textile Cleaners.

We can perform many fire and water restoration services on-site.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail may be a rare weather condition, but it is often severe. Hail can damage a home or business’ entire exterior property, and can devastate a roof. Target Restoration professionals are experienced in all hail repair, performing repair work of all types, for all storm damage.

Hail damage can happen to:Hail-Damage-Repair-Waco-TX

  • Roofs
  • Gutters
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Fences
  • Foundation
  • Building structures

Some damage can be obvious, but some can take careful inspection to detect. “Hail” are small frozen ice balls that can fall with rain or snow, or by themselves during heavy winds.

In addition to the dents and other impact damage that hail does, once the ice melts, water can soak into your property and cause further damage. Especially if temperatures are low, and hail melts and freezes repeatedly.

Find hidden damage. Don’t let hail impact you: Target Restoration.

Target Restoration’s certified inspection professionals provide a full list of recommendations to mitigate risk of future hail damage. We will find what it takes to make your property feel like home again.

Dehumidification and Structural Drying

Dry Your Building. Restore Your Air Quality.Strategic-Plan-Psychometrics-Waco-TX

Water is the most damaging substance to a building. Floods and storm damage. Leaks and overflow. Backups and air moisture.

The first 48 hours after an emergency are the best time to act to mitigate water damage. Proper water removal, structural drying, and dehumidification are the best way to avoid secondary damages.

Swampy. Damp. Humid. Moist.

Our professional structural drying and dehumidification services return your property to safe, normal, inhabitable conditions.

Water Extraction

Water must first be removed in order for full drying and repairs to occur. We offer emergency water vacuum extraction and removal.

Strategic Plan Using Psychometrics

Using thermodynamic properties of air moisture, we calculate an aggressive water remediation and structural drying plan.

We use advanced moisture meters and infrared moisture mapping to determine and target hidden moisture and water risks.

Structural Drying

We strategically place industrial blowers or desiccant drying equipment, according to property square footage and moisture saturation.

Commercial DehumidificationDehumidification-Structural-Drying-Waco-TX

We safely filter and dehumidify air to restore normal air moisture levels.

We create airflow to remove hidden moisture in:

  • Wall cavities
  • Cabinets
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Attics

Sensitive moisture meters monitor your property’s return
to safe moisture levels.

Target Restoration: restoring properties to a balanced climate after flooding or water damage.

Target Restoration: dry your property, rejuvenate your life.

Commercial Dehumidification and Structural Drying.

Repair and restoration from any water disaster. For homes and commercial properties.

Environmental ServicesEnvironmental-Services-Waco-TX

Trauma Cleanup. Asbestos and Lead Removal. Mold Evaluation.

Harmful environments cause damage to properties, and serious health hazards. Contaminants in the environment cause sickness in people who live or work there.

Professional environmental services solve the problem at its source.

Target Restoration: Licensed. Experienced. Equipped. 24-hour Emergency Response.

We restore residential and commercial properties from hazardous conditions.

We serve Texas and neighboring states.

Certified extreme clean up professionals. Licensed and insured property restoration company. HIPAA-compliant crew.

Trauma Cleanup. Asbestos and Lead Removal. Mold Evaluation.

Harmful environments cause damage to properties, and serious health hazards. Contaminants in the environment cause sickness in people who live or work there.

Professional environmental services solve the problem at its source.

Target Restoration: Licensed. Experienced. Equipped. 24-hour Emergency Response.

We restore residential and commercial properties from hazardous conditions.

We serve Texas and neighboring states.

Certified extreme clean up professionals. Licensed and insured property restoration company. HIPAA-compliant crew.


Emergency Power Generation

Lighting Up Your Property. Maintaining Your Environment.Emergency-Power-Generation-Waco-TX

Losing power makes any emergency worse. Many commercial properties cannot afford to lose power.

Immediate, professional commercial power generation and distribution from Target Restoration.

Top in Texas fire and water restoration companies. Providing mobile industrial power supply.

For businesses that rely on uninterrupted power, including:

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Government Facilities
  • Research Laboratories
  • Secured Buildings

Licensed commercial electricians and IICRC certified emergency restoration Masters.

Mobile, trailer-mounted gas and diesel powered generations up to top capacities we temporarily install at your property.

Target Restoration: we’ll keep the lights on, you keep working.

Portable Climate Control

Some industries require not only consistent power, but a well-maintained climate – even during the worst emergencies.

We offer portable commercial climate control, dehumidification, and environment stabilization for businesses in industries like:

  • Telecommunications and Electronics
  • Medical and Surgical Care
  • Laboratory, Medical, and Chemical Storage
  • Restaurants and Food Storage

We return your sensitive environment to your sensitive standards and maintain environmental conditions until your own climate control capabilities are restored.

Our team of fire and water restoration experts will restore your power, repair any structural damage to your building, and get your own HVAC system and dehumidification equipment back to normal.

Target Restoration: equipped and prepared.

Decontamination and Trauma Scene CleanupCommercial-Asbestos-Removal-Waco-TX

After accident or trauma, hazardous waste or contaminants may remain.

Blood. Biohazards. Medical Waste.

Trauma cleanup requires personal protective equipment, waste removal containers, decontaminants, industrial disinfectants, and full restoration services.

Chemicals release toxins into the air and building materials. Toxin removal requires specialized industrial cleaning.

Target Restoration: helping you restore your life after any type of disaster.

Commercial Asbestos RemovalDecontamination-Trauma-Scene-Cleanu-Waco-TXp

Buildings pre-dating 1979 may contain asbestos-based building materials, which can cause cancer.

Professional, responsible asbestos removal
protects buildings and inhabitants from
serious long-term consequences.

Target Restoration provides full asbestos removal with sensitivity to building integrity and historic design.

Commercial Lead Removal

Pipes and paint in buildings pre-dating 1979 may contain lead. When leaked into the environment, lead is poisonous.

Professional, safe lead removal is critical to restoring buildings to an inhabitable environment.

Target Restoration provides full commercial lead removal, with special care taken to maintain historic building integrity and architectural design.

Our preparation. For your safety. For your future.

Mold Inspection and RemovalMold-Inspection-Removal-Waco-TX

Harmful molds become a health hazard, affecting
air quality and decomposing building materials.

Target Restoration performs full commercial mold evaluation and mitigation.

Environmental services to suit any need: Target Restoration.

Consulting and Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Risk Mitigations. Solutions for Future Problems.Consulting-Disaster-Recovaery-Planning-Waco-TX

Commercial properties lose valuable time during a disaster. Accidents and emergencies cost
companies resources they can’t afford to lose.

Commercial disaster recovery planning solves problems that haven’t happened yet.

Know and Trust Your Disaster Response Professionals

Our IICRC certified emergency response team are Masters at disaster recovery.

We provide 24/7 emergency response for anyone. Having a disaster plan in place means our response is as efficient as possible.

During disaster planning, property owners develop relationships and trust with our emergency response professionals. When disaster strikes, it’s like a team of qualified friends shows up to help.

Speed Up Response with Disaster Planning Preparations

By meeting with a disaster and risk mitigation consultant from Target Restoration, commercial property owners can evaluate risks and strategize for any emergency.

Consultation and planning includes valuable information and data gathering that streamlines the emergency response process.

We will know what we need, because we know about your property.

Pre-complete insurance and contractor paperwork to ease the burden during a disaster.

Target Restoration: planning for emergencies. Minimizing risks. Securing your property’s future.

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