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Top Property Damage Restoration Team in Central TexasProperty-Damage-Restoration-Temple-TX

As part of the landscape of central Texas, Target Restoration is committed to providing the top property restoration services in every city.

We are proud to offer our services to residences and businesses throughout the Temple, Texas community.

Call us around the clock – we respond to emergencies any time. Immediate disaster response throughout Temple and all around Bell County.

Don’t delay on intervening after damage from water, fire, flood, or accident.

We guarantee business clients’ confidentiality. HIPPA compliant. All insurance paperwork in place.

Our History Working with USAA

Target Restoration is the only USAA large-loss property restoration company in central Texas. We are fully certified and prepared to repair and restore USAA-insured properties.

Residential and commercial properties. We are proud to serve all military veterans, active duty service members, and military personnel in Temple.

Our History Working with TIPS/TAPS

TIPS/TAPS is the InterLocal Purchasing System, a network of businesses throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

As members, we are able to quickly and efficiently offer restoration, repair, and replacement service to thousands of properties in all Temple municipalities.

Government buildings. Schools. Churches. Research Facilities.

Expert service. Restoring all our communities after any disaster: Target Restoration.

Our History Working with Top Medical Facilities

Maintaining the highest standards of excellence, Target Restoration is proud to provide emergency restoration, power-generation, climate control, and property damage intervention to Baylor Scott and White Health of Central Texas.

Water Emergencies

Expert Water Damage Restoration, Anytime


Water restoration may need to happen any time. Water can infiltrate your home or business property day or night. Don’t wonder who to turn to. Call the professionals.

Target Restoration team members are standing by to help you after any emergency.

If you have water in your property and don’t know where to start, we help get things back to normal.

  • Performing water extraction.
  • Using advanced psychometrics to determine a plan for thorough, safe drying.
  • Beginning content drying, document recovery, electronic media recovery.
  • Starting structural drying.
  • Preparing dehumidification and climate control.

Emergency cleanup and restoration experts.

“Full restoration” means complete. Target Restoration.

Outside Water: Storms and Flooding

Texas has tough storms. Rain and hail. Flooding causes millions of dollars in property damages to Texas homes and businesses every year.

Storm damage means water in your building, which can bring organic debris. Flooding can contaminate your property’s interior.

Inside Water: Pipes and Plumbing

Homes and commercial buildings have interior pipes, water heaters and other appliances, and other sources of water that can backup, burst, and flood.

Sewer backups are potentially hazardous to the health and safety of occupants. Have contaminated water emergencies handled by a professional.

Target Restoration: Temple, Texas’ full service emergency restoration team.

  • Remove water
  • Dry out property
  • Salvage damaged contents
  • Rebuild building structures

Target Restoration is a team of water emergency Masters.

  • Commercial and residential properties.
  • Immediate and long-term response.

Target Restoration is Temple’s trusted, award-winning property restoration service.

Content Recovery and Restoration


Businesses and residences damaged by water or flooding contain many items.

Furniture. Drapes. Linens. Business Inventory. All a property’s content.

Target Restoration helps restore your building, and your building’s contents. A full restoration means fully restoring everything.

  • We extract water from carpet and textiles.
  • We repair and replace flooring.
  • We remove mold .
  • We deodorize and dehumidify.

Target Restoration: fully restore it all.

Document Drying and Media Recovery

HIPPA Compliant. Sensitive Documents Protected.

Target Restoration commercial property restoration services are prepared to restore documents and electronic media after water and flooding damage.

Our project team members are certified HIPPA compliant, with insurance paperwork in place to protect you.

We believe in confidentiality. We believe in thorough recovery.

Recover and restore sensitive business documents. Return data and access important client records and files. Documents and electronic recovery for Temple businesses with the most sensitive confidentiality requirements.Document-Recovery-Temple-TX

Water Damage Restoration for Precious Documents

Target Restoration’s team of document drying and water damage restoration experts have the equipment and technical knowledge to restore delicate antique books, or sophisticated industrial computer equipment.

Dehumidify technologically advanced buildings. Restore climate control. Deodorize for sensitive air quality environments.

Trust Target Restoration for recovery of everything damaged in a water emergency.

Mold Prevention After Water Damage Restoration

Sitting water causes humidity and conditions for secondary mold damages. Mold is a hazardous cleanup, and only licensed professionals with the right safety techniques and protective equipment should restore property damaged by mold.

Target Restoration: We remove mold when it happens. We restore mold-free environment to your property.

Don’t just restore your property to the way it was – improve it. Make it safer, more comfortable, and higher quality. Dehumidify to reduce conditions for mold growth. Improve the air quality of your buildings.

Target Restoration offers deodorization services to remove “musty” smells. Make every room pleasant and fresh.

Revive your property. Restore your whole life.Mold-Remediation-Temple-TX

Full Property Restoration After Any DisasterProperty-Restoration-Temple-TX

Less Than an Hour to Temple, Texas Properties

Few fire and water damage restoration companies in central Texas have the response time of Target Restoration. In an emergency, one of our team members can be at many homes and businesses throughout Temple in as little as 30 minutes.

No matter what emergency services you need.

Call now. In half an hour, things will start to get back to normal.


Target Restoration provides full property restoration services. Our team members receive the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
Our professionals perform immediate intervention and provide long-term restorations.

Disasters happen. Target Restoration can help any property owner recover from the most extreme emergency.

We’ll make your property good-as-new. Whether you have a biohazard that needs cleanup, a fire that needs board up, or a flood damaged-business that needs emergency power, Target Restoration is ready to respond to your emergency.

We are there for you through every step of the process – from initial soot cleanup to full fire and smoke restoration. We also complete commercial roofing.

HIPPA Compliant. Fully Licensed and Insured. Client Protections Guaranteed.

Voted best fire and water cleanup restoration in central Texas.

Trust the experts: Trust Target Restoration

Services Beyond Ordinary Standards

Target Restoration responds to your disaster with a team of professionals who work together. We guide clients through emergencies. For many people – this is the first time a disaster has struck their property.

We’ve been there before. We’ve restored all types of property. We’re prepared.

Award winning service. Top local property damage restoration experts.

Your Target Restoration expert team includes an insurance specialist – someone who can help you understand and process your insurance claim.

  • Let us help you decrease your paperwork.
  • Let us help you answer every question.
  • Let us help you manage your disaster recovery.

Target Restoration: not just restoring your property, restoring your life.

Disasters don’t happen only during business hours. That’s why Target Restoration provides around the clock disaster recovery and emergency intervention.

Fire RestorationFire-Restoration-Temple-TX

Fires change your world in a few minutes. You need an expert team when a fire happens at your residence or commercial building, in Temple Texas.

Target Restoration: certified fire restoration Masters.

Soot and Smoke Damage Removal

Soot leaves dangerous residue. Don’t remove it without training and proper equipment.

Let Target Restoration’s professionals use the best products, techniques, and technology for removing soot.

Smoke damage can be obvious, but it also hides.
We remove smoke damage from walls, cabinetry, and textiles. We remove smoke smells with ozone treatments, thermal fogging, and other deodorization.

Repair and Rebuild Your Property

Heat does unique damage. Flames consume building materials and personal contents.
Some things can never be restored, but Target Restoration will restore everything we can.

  • We remove damaged contents from your building.
  • We get you back to business as fast as possible
  • We provide inventory services for Temple businesses that relocate because of fire damage.

Target Restoration: rebuild and move on.

Deodorization and Air Treatments

Buildings absorb the smells of fire. A professional ozone treatments and de-odorization can fully restore your property. Enjoy the fullest recovery.

Target Restoration: fire restoration experts serving Temple, Texas. Top property damage restoration services.


Mold Remediation & Environmental ServiceEnvironmental-Services-Temple-TX

Mold grows in dark, moist areas – like the attics, basements, crawl spaces, or storage areas of most Texas homes and businesses.

If a property has suffered water damage, it’s important to consider how long-term secondary damage occurs from increased humidity and mold.

With Target Restoration, you won’t have to worry.

Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal

After a water emergency, flood, or other disaster, Target Restoration can immediately extract the water, dry the structures, and treat water damaged materials to properly dry and restore them.

We offer dehumidification and ozone treatments to help restore the environment in your property quickly, and abate future mold problems.

Restoring Abandoned Properties

Target Restoration has extensive experience in abandoned and neglected properties – removing all environmental hazards like mold, and preparing the property for rebuilding.

Never put yourself or your loved ones as risk. Target Restoration is here to help.

Abandoned and neglected properties can be updated by removing environmental hazards like lead and asbestos in the building’s materials. Update and upgrade your property with full environmental service.

Environmental Services

Some materials in your property can be hazardous – but it can be dangerous to remove them without training and the right safety equipment.

In addition to mold remediation, Target Restoration offers advanced environmental services. Our certified, licensed technicians also conduct:

  • Lead removal
  • Asbestos removal
  • Biohazard cleanup

When a disaster leaves dangerous conditions – like mold – call the experts who handle mold removal, environmental cleanup, and full property restoration services: Target Restoration.

Top Hail Damage Repair Team

Texas storms are known for their intensity. The weather can be unpredictable – as many a Temple resident and business owner has found out!

Properties are particularly vulnerable to hail damage, which can happen a few times each year. Roofs, windows, siding, and other exterior building structures can be impacted or broken.

Target Restoration repairs, restores, or replaces property damaged by hail. Thorough evaluations reveal any hidden damages to all parts of your building. We recommend rebuilding and replacement options based on the extent of the damage.

Licensed professionals who specialize in property damage restoration for hail and storm damage: Target Restoration.Hail-Damage-Repair-Temple-TX

Water Damage from Hail

If hail creates holes in your property that are undiscovered, the holes will let in outside elements, including water.

Sitting water, standing water, and soaked up water in the attic or inner building structures causes long-term damage. It is a key contributor to increased humidity and potential mold conditions.

Need water damage restoration after hail damage?

  • We extract water.
  • We dehumidify.
  • We apply thoroughly dry structures using advanced psychometrics.

We repair attics, crawl spaces, wall interiors, HVAC systems and other property areas affected by hail damage that causes water damage.

Target Restoration: Storm damage cleanup and repair professionals.

Commercial Roofing

After the roof of your business or home is damaged by hail, storms, fire, or other disaster, you need experts who can repair – or even replace – the roof. You need to get things back on solid ground.

Target Restoration can get you there.

From Emergency to Finish

After a disaster, call Target Restoration. We perform free evaluations 24/7. We begin work immediately. We secure your property, including tarping up your roof, while we provide a thorough assessment of your property’s damage.

Target Restoration is the team that can get you through from start to finish. We will manage all steps in your restoration process. With expertise in commercial roofing, we’re show up prepared to finish from the first moment.Commercial-Roofing-Repair-Temple-TX

All Designs. All Materials. All Ages.

One of the best things about Temple, TX is the beautiful variety of architecture. Some buildings are new. Some buildings are historic. Target Restoration is prepared to respond to your roof emergency, no matter the age or style of your building.

If you have roofing needs for your commercial building’s unique architecture: Target Restoration is the team that can do the job right.

Our commercial roofing professionals are experienced in all different building materials. We have the knowledge of our local, historic Southwestern style. Our team considers attention to detail as essential. That is why we are prepared to replace modern business roofs as well as historic ones.

Target Restoration: Restore your unique, historic building.

Call Target Restoration 24 hours per day. 7 days per week. We help you recover from any disaster.

Target Restoration has the skills, technologies, and technicians for any emergency. Target Restoration’s team members hold the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

We are HIPPA Compliant. We have client privacy protection in place.

Target Restoration: Prepared for any emergency.

Emergency Power Generators. Board Ups. Whatever You Need

Commercial properties can have specific, large-scale needs when recovering from a disaster.

We respond quickly to restore your property after any disaster.

If the lights go out and you can’t let that happen, call Target Restoration for emergency power generators.

  • Commercial energy generators.
  • Get the lights back on quickly.
  • Portable climate control.

Let us help you restore order.

Professional board-up and roof tarping. Target Restoration professionals can board up damaged property to temporarily secure it until long-term restoration begins.

In the meantime, we thoroughly asses your property’s damage and can begin drying, extracting water, and repairing interior and exterior damage immediately.

Your long-term plan? We handle that too.Emergency-Power-Generators-Temple-TX

Thorough Emergency Restoration: From Start to Finish

Target Restoration offers a range of emergency restoration services.

We arrive at your property ready to secure, rebuild, and repair. We continue each restoration project until your entire property feels like home again.

We specialize in neglected and abandoned properties.

If your property has long-term damage from lack of maintenance, let us clean out the property, repair damage, and restore its beauty. We bring every building back to life.

We offer services from roof to foundation. For commercial and residential properties. For interior and exterior damage.Home-Restoration-Temple-TX

Trained. Certified. Professionals.

We are located throughout central Texas – a team of Target Restoration certified and licensed technicians prepared to help you recover from damage caused by:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Flood
  • Sewer backup
  • Hail
  • Storms
  • Tornadoes
  • Broken pipes
  • Hazardous materials

or whatever disaster occurs at your property.

We fix interior or exterior damage. We rebuild properties from one end to the other – siding, fencing, flooring, content restoration, roofing, and more.

Call for a free evaluation of your emergency restoration. We have the top team of property damage restoration professionals in Temple, TX.

Ready to help. Prepared to restore.

Target Restoration: getting the job done right. Start to finish.

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