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Commercial Restoration Waco TX

Target Restoration is proud to serve all of the Waco, Texas community as one of the premiere fire and water damage restoration companies around.

We work hard to restore historical Texas buildings with attention to every detail. We match materials and designs to keep traditional Texan style intact.

Trust Target Restoration for your emergency. Biohazard, fire, and water cleanup and restoration experts.

Serving the Baylor University Community

Target Restoration is the restoration company for Baylor University in Waco.

As a nationally-ranked research institution and one of the oldest universities in Texas, Baylor University has a reputation for excellence.

After disasters, storms, emergencies, and accidental events, Baylor University officials have come to trust Target Restoration to rebuild and restore their facilities.

Over the years, Baylor officials call us to:

  • Repair roof and building exterior damage.
  • Maintain power in laboratories and storage facilities during emergencies.
  • Restore classrooms and administrative areas after flooding.

No matter whether a Baylor University facility has suffered from fire, smoke, water, or biohazard damage, we are proud to serve them.

We have worked with Baylor University officials to develop a detailed Risk Management plan to offer safety and security to every student, staff and faculty member, and campus guest.

Called to Inspire. Committed to Excellence. Proud to Serve.

Awarded and Recognized as Waco’s Best

Winner of the Best of Waco Award from The Wacoan for 2015.

Winner of the Waco Trib’s Reader’s Choice Award in 2015 and 2016.

Target Restoration is the top water damage restoration company serving the area. No matter the cause of the damage, we repair and rebuild for Waco residents and businesses.

TIPS and TAPS Members

As members of the Interlocal Purchasing Cooperative System in Texas, known as TIPS, we are prepared to repair, restore, and serve our local communities.

By becoming a member of TIPS and TAPS, Target Restoration has made it easy for government facilities, municipalities, schools, churches, and other Waco institutions to rely on us.

We are pre-approved by major insurers. Our paperwork is processed and ready to go. We show up at your property ready to work. We care about helping you get things back together quickly.

Disaster Recovery: Day or Night

Target-Restoration-Disaster-Recovery-Waxo-TXTarget Restoration offers around-the-clock disaster recovery services. No matter what time day or night, call us 24/7/365 when disaster strikes.

Emergency biohazards, fire, and water cleanup and restoration.

Immediately after the emergency response vehicles leave:

Who do you call? Who can you turn to for cleanup, board-up, power generation, and more?

Target Restoration: top of the line disaster recovery services for residential and commercial properties in Waco throughout central Texas.

Not only can we respond at any time, our certified disaster response technician team can be at your property in less than an hour, in most central Texas locations.

We arrive at your door, equipped and ready to assist you. We can tarp up your roof and board up your property for temporary security. We inspect and evaluate the long-term repair your property needs.

Whether damage from fire or flood, a sewer backup, or a force of nature like a tornado, Target Restoration is prepared to respond.

Full Water Damage Restoration Services

Target-Restoration-Water-Damage-Cleanup-Waco-TXLife in Waco, Texas is pleasant. Beautiful scenery. Strong community. Interesting people.

Of course, there are downsides to living anywhere. Areas in and near Waco may be at risk for water damage that properties don’t face elsewhere. With the natural beauty also comes extreme weather.

Hail, heavy thunderstorms, and even the occasional effects of hurricanes in the Gulf can be devastating to properties in central Texas.

When devastation happens, Target Restoration is there. Don’t let a short-term weather event have a long-term effect.

Of course, buildings can be damaged by water from inside as well. Sewer backups, septic tank problems, burst pipes, and water heater failures can all severely impact your property as well.

No matter the source of the water damage, restoration is just a phone call away.

Call us 24/7 for emergencies. We can respond to most areas near Waco within 30 minutes.

Assistance Through Every Step of the Process


Target Restoration begins helping you with your property damage restoration the moment you call. Our team of professionals arrives at your door immediately after a disaster, and gets to work cleaning up and securing your property.

We evaluate what to fix. We help you create a plan for what to do next. We manage the process of bringing your property back to normal.

With exceptional customer service and insurance specialists that will guide you through the claims process, Target Restoration is the restoration services company that is there for residents and business owners of Waco in a way that no other company is.

Structural Drying and Building Repair

From the roof to the foundation, your property can experience mild and severe damage from many water sources. Whether hail breaks in during a storm, then melts and causes water damage, or if standing water is soaked up by the property, Target Restoration can dry every inch of your building.

We specialize in restoring your building’s structural integrity. We place industrial air blowers and complete thorough, measured desiccant drying. We are perfectionists when it comes to safety and responsible building. We handle drying after hazardous cleanup of sewage or contaminated water.

Training in all types of materials. Certifications for restoration from any type of water damage. Experts to handle flooding recovery.

Flooring. Concrete. Cabinets. Carpentry. Insulation.

From roof repair and replacement to commercial driveway repair, Target Restoration is the top water restoration team in Waco.

Water Extraction


Emergencies happen. When they do, your property can need immediate and efficient response. The first step in Target Restoration water restoration services is to remove the water and secure your property from secondary damages. Whether it’s a flood, a leak, or a sewer backup, cleanup can’t begin until the water stops coming in.

Target Restoration professionals have the tools and training to handle water cleanup of all sizes.

We immediately begin to extract standing or soaked up water and dehumidify and clean up your home or business. We extract water from carpets, rugs, and furniture.

Have antique or delicate textiles you’re concerned about? Talk with your Target Restoration specialist about processes for rare or special fabrics.

Content Restoration

What you lose to water damage can be more than just the building’s structures.

Homes that experience flooding or other water damage can lose personal mementos, artwork, furniture, and heirlooms. Your photos, your computer, the tools in the garage, and more.

Target Restoration performs the most extreme cleanup and water damage restoration on all a home’s contents.

Got antiques, vintage furniture, or rare and precious items?
Talk to a Target Restoration professional about restoring them correctly.

Businesses lose more than what customers see.

Target Restoration helps all types of businesses recover.

  • We dry documents.
  • We recover media.
  • We dehumidify and dry.
  • We restore anything damaged by water, biohazardous materials, or mold.

Target Restoration also offers inventory services and commercial relocation services for Waco businesses.

Get the pieces of your life back. Professional care. Expert restoration.

Mold Abatement and Water Risk Mitigation


Not only does Target Restoration repair and restore after a water disaster, but we examine properties to prepare for potential problems after a disaster.

Our full line of services to Waco homes and businesses includes a thorough inspection of water and flood risks on your property. We can guide you through creating a plan to minimize risks and reacting after an emergency.

After water damages your property, there is always a risk of mold and mildew growth. Standing water and hidden moisture can cause problems in the attic, walls, cabinets, or anywhere with the right conditions.

Target Restoration can treat properties with antimicrobials. We approach a property’s water restoration using materials that are resistant to water damage and mold growth.

Target Restoration makes your future a priority. Because we’re not just repairing for today – we’re restoring your property for every day after, too.

Comprehensive Fire Restoration Services


Fire is one of the oldest risks for all types of properties. They happen indoors and outdoors. They can be caused by a number of things. No matter what causes a fire at your property, when you’re ready for complete soot, smoke, and fire restoration, call Target Restoration.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Immediately after a disaster, Target Restoration’s professionals can get you back on track. We respond to your emergency – boarding up and securing your property, tarping the roof, and providing emergency power. We quickly begin to remove destroyed property safely, including melted plastics and other hazardous materials.

Smoke leaves damage that can be seen immediately, and other damage that may not be obvious right away. Our property damage restoration specialists help with your immediate repair and long-term rebuilding.

Trust Target Restoration to find hidden smoke damage.

Soot Removal and Deodorization


Soot leaves heavy residue. It is dangerous to remove without proper training and safety equipment. Our Target Restoration certified technicians have the equipment and know the procedures to make soot removal easy. In addition, we offer thermal fogging and other deodorization to remove the effects of fire damage in your building.

Best Mold Remediation Specialists in Waco, TX


Only professionals licensed from the Texas Department of State Health Services can perform mold removal and repair in the state of Texas. It is a biohazardous situation that can require the right protective safety gear and advanced knowledge.

Proper training. Highest quality equipment and techniques. We aim to be the best in industry.

Target Restoration has the most professional team of all the fire and water damage restoration companies in central Texas. We have mold remediation specialists and knowledge to handle every mold emergency.

Our trained professionals can handle properties that have been neglected or abandoned, and developed mold. We know how to care for every type of property.

Target Restoration is experienced in the most extreme mold cleanups.

Multiple Types of Mold. Thorough Mold Removal.

Technicians who specialize in every type of property restoration, our mold remediation team is capable of handling all mold removal.

We test properties before and after restoration to ensure moisture levels are under control. Dehumidification is essential to minimizing future damages.

No matter how large an area of your property is affected or where your property is damaged, Target Restoration has the tools and professionals to safely remove mold from your property.

Mold Abatement During Remediation

Target Restoration professionals clean mold from a water damaged house or business property. We also offer antimicrobial services during our commercial cleaning and property damage restoration.

Rebuild with mold resistant materials. Recover your property with full antimicrobial treatments.

Minimize secondary mold damage that occurs after a flood.

Enjoy the best specialized mold remediation services in Waco, Texas: Target Restoration.

Commercial Roofing Repair and Replacement

Target-Restoration-Roof-Repair-Waco-TXWhen thunderstorms, fire, or hail hit Waco residents and businesses, there can often be roof damage. Target Restoration not only provides immediate emergency response for temporary roof tarping, but we also repair and replace commercial roofs.

We have served some clients with large, challenging roof replacement needs, including hospitals, Baylor University, and government buildings. We are sensitive to every building’s unique design elements, especially historic and southwestern buildings.

A temporary fix is nothing without a long-term solution.

When damage happens, don’t just get a disaster response company that offers a quick-fix for your sudden problem. Hire the fire and water cleanup and restoration specialists that can repair your property for the long haul.
Target Restoration-certified roofing professionals offer consultations and plans to repair any roof damage quickly, with the best roof materials and emergency replacement strategy.

Roofs of Every Material

Roof-Repair-Waco-TXResidential roofs and commercial roofs are very different. Target Restoration specializes in commercial roofing designs and materials. We replace commercial roofs damaged by disaster. Every type of material. Every commercial property’s need.

Metal. Tile. Shingle. Flat roofs. Angled roofs. Specialized gutters. And more.

Storm resistant. Insulated. Reinforced. Environmentally friendly and industrially sound.

A trusted name in commercial roofing. Decades of experience. Training and certifications.

Safety is our top priority. Whatever your business’ needs, we can replace the roof and restore your property. Make it better than before.

Target Restoration: your fire and water damage restoration specialists, from the roof down.

Hail Damage Repair

THail-Damage-Repair-Waco-TXexas storms can do big damage. Residential and commercial properties damaged by hail incur several types of damage – dents and dings from impact, water damage from melted hail that soaks up, and perhaps mold damage if sitting water isn’t discovered for a long time. Hail can break windows, punch holes in the roof or siding, and destroy outdoor fixtures.

After a heavy hailstorm, call us. We provide emergency board ups and roof tarping for Waco properties that suffer hail damage. We can temporarily secure your property from additional damage.

Storm damage repair and restoration experts. When you need your property returned to normal, call Target Restoration.

We evaluate all hail damage. We provide a detailed damage repair plan that lets you prioritize and decide the services that are right for your property. And we conduct all repairs of property and contents damaged by impact, water, mold, or any effects of hail.

We perform structural drying. We dry and dehumidify attics, crawl spaces, and other areas affected by hail. We repair exterior concrete. We perform hail and water damage restoration.

Trust the top property damage restoration team in Waco and all of central Texas: Target Restoration.

Contact Us

For professional disaster restoration services in the Waco, TX area, contact Target Restoration at (877) 741-9026. We are available 24/7.

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